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I purchased a Ruger 77 Varmint in 22-250 10 years ago. It has a stainless barrel and a blued action. I fired the gun about 12 times and it's just sat in the safe since. I was told that there was a run of Rugers that used Douglas barrels when they were retooling there rifle making machines. Is there any truth to that or just BS. I'd like to unload this rig and wanted to know what the deal is with urban legend.
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i have heard from several gun dealers that the older .220 swift guns had douglas barrels on them because their barrels wouldn't hold up. they were the tang safety models. I have also seen those same models bring very, very good money. I don't know how much truth there is to that either, but I also witnessed a guy lay down $800 for a standard weight barrel, ruger mark 1, in a 220 swift, without even hesitating. maybe you should just contact Ruger and ask them.
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I recall that more than 20 years ago, Ruger had a reputation for using cheap unnamed barrels. The rumor was that they bought rejects from any barrel maker who offered them for sale. I have had some terible Ruger 77 and No. 1 barrels. I once returned a No. 1 6mm with bad barrel. It took Ruger one year to replace it and the second barrel shot no better than the first. A local gun shop had so many Ruger problems, that he would not sell a new one or take one in trade. Curently, I own a No. 1 in 25-06 which has had many improvements and finally shoots fairly well with a factory barrel.
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Don't know about Douglas but, 375 H&H as well as 458 Win. and 45-70 rifle barrels from Ruger were, at one time, Micro-Groove.
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I doubt Douglas did. If they did I think you would see better reports on their accuracy. Like TenRing, I returned an M77 to them and the replacement barrel shot only marginally better. In my opinion, they have quite liberal accuracy standards. It varies with the rifle's caliber. As I recall for my 7x57 it was about 2 1/2" at 100 yds. I had heard that there was speculation that their barrels were outsourced but there was no certainty who the actual barrel manufacturer was. This outsourced relationship has probably changed from time to time whereby the actual manufacturer changes with the award and expiration of contracts. In any case the barrels are no doubt produced to Ruger's tolerance standards. Good luck, Peter.
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Yes, it is well documented that they used Douglas barrels ( see the Clayton Ruger # 1 book ) on the early # 1's and the first production M77 .220 Swifts ( with the dog leg bolt handles ) ( see Carmichael's book ). After that, production rifles used Wilson barrels that were hit or miss on quality ( ironic that they are used on Cooper rifles and the accuracy is generally very good ). Now, Ruger hammer forges their own, supposedly with very good results.

So, it is possible to find a Douglas barrel on an early Ruger # 1 or 77.
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