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last winter i bought a cooper model 22 varminter chambered for the 6mm br. after trying several different loads involving benchmark, varget, H322 powders and bullets ranging from 65 gr v-max, 70 gr nosler BT, 70 gr blitzking, 70 gr sierra match, 75 gr v-max and 85 gr HPBT bullets all ignited by a selection of CCI 400, rem 7 1/2, and win WSR primers i cannot for the life of me get this thing to do better than a 3/4 inch group. it will shoot inch and a half groups pretty regularly and has done as bad as a 10 shot 4 inch group. first off you all are probly thinking its the shooter so i'll let you know now that i have winchester and savage centerfires that i can shoot half inch most regularly and im confident its not me at error here. I e-mailed cooper in distress and the best they could tell me was that the 6BR is a 14 twist (i was aware of that) and i should try 68 or 69 gr bullets for optimum performance. I could be wrong but i dont feel that the 68 or 69 gr bullets will be excellent performers compared to all that i've already tried. this is my first cooper that i bought as the second owner but it was "unfired". i could see no signs of being fired and with the naked eye i see no imperfections with the bore or rifleing. after having all this trouble and then getting a response from cooper like the one i did i believe im gonna sell this gun and have my own custom built. piss on em, what do you guys think? any suggestions for last chance routes?
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you might want to check the action screws, especially the front one...which may be binding and will need to be turned or relieved...

also, I returned a .223 to Cooper because of an unacceptably sloppy chamber, and they sent it back without even notifying me, with a note saying "within specs"... I would've paid to have it rechambered, if given the chance... was disillusioned with Cooper after that... too bad, they have a pretty nice product but no service
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I bought a new Model 22 Varminter in 6BR with 8 twist last fall; have not worked with it enough, but it is showing promise with the 105 gr. A Max. What load did Cooper use for the 50 yard test target that came with the rifle? They ususally tell you the bullet and powder; you can figger out the rest. Try it.
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fastnflat1: "Looking in the bore with the naked eye", will tell you nothing: You must obtain a "Hawkeye" borescope to really get up front and personal. If there were "mistakes" made during the chambering, rifling, cutting the crown, etc., they will be very evident. If it's as poor as you say, there is probably something major wrong that will not be corrected by minor changes in load combos, etc. Another option would be to having it thoroughly checked-out by a highly experienced BR gunsmith/builder. JMO/
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I Have 2 coopers, a 223 and a 204 both will shoot in sub 1/4" at 100yards. The 223 had an extracter problem at about 50 rds. and I sent it back with the info. and in less than 2 weeks I had it back fixed. I believe this to be verry good service.
If this is not a new rifle the last owner would be suspect in any problem. That gun should shoot 70gr. bullets verry well.I would start over and check everything from the bolt to the barrel crown.Action screws should be torqued not over tightened.
Good luck.
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fastnflat: I have the same rifle. It was really difficult to find a load - several different powders and bullets, lot of range time, but finally found two- one which shoots .3, the other sub .5 MOA.
- 70g Sierra BTHP, Benchmark, Rem 71/2 primers
- 65g Vmax, N135, CCI primers
N135 is considered the gold standard for slow twist 6mmBr - I would try some. Also, I noted real primer sensitivity... a nearly accurate load would noticeably change with a different primer. Good luck--

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thanx for all the info and feedback guys. im still fighting it and am going to check and try a few more things before i send it to cooper to check out.
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14 twist is marginal with the weight bullets that you have listed.

Try the 68-69 gr. pills and see if they make a diffrence.

Here`s the chart that i use for twists, go half way down the page to find the correct chart.

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