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I recently purchased four (4) unopened cases of Eley Practice 100. The cases were labeled 1109-05067 1060. I tested this ammo and it was killer good in my rifle.

I just opened the first case and am shocked!!!!! The first sleeve I pulled out has three (3) lots within the same unopened sleeve from two (2) different machines with three (3) different speeds. I then checked the remainder of the case and found two (2) other sleeves the same way and the remainder to have sleeves with 1008-05310 1045 ammo in them - not what was labeled on the case!

I am somewhat afraid to open the remaining 3 cases as I fear what I will find. I have emailed the supplier and am awaiting their response.

What the hell is up?
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I assume you feel these cases were sealed at the factory. I don't think Eley makes practice 100 anymore. I think Eley Sport is their entry level ammo now. I may be wrong. But when Federal stopped making their Ultra 1000a/b a few years back, to clear the warehouse they packaged partial lots together. Had a lot of folks upset then. I just wonder if Eley is doing the same. Hope someone can shed some light on this. Rich
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I now have identified another problem with this ammo. I opened a sleeve and then opened two boxes from it from different lots - turns out the noses are all the way from round noses to over stamped "dimpled" noses with everything in between.

Needless to say, the stuff shot poorly. Needless to say, I will be on the phone ASAP this morning to the sellor.

Thanks for the information.

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Unfortunately you might end up having to sort this stuff out, (bullet type, weight etc) to get the best performance. I know some dealers advertise they will not take back ammo that is closeout. Let your kids shoot it at tin cans. I've never found any of that cheaper Eley to shoot to well. I still have some of two bricks I bought a few years ago of yellow box. I thought it might work for target shooting at 50 feet. In prone I would get at least two 9's on every a-36 target. My grandkids shoot it.

I've resigned myself to the fact that none of the cheap stuff shoots well. Especially at 50 yards or greater. I just got a case of Lapua Center-X I am anxious to try. That is their 3rd string ammo. I used to buy the best (Midas) then 2nd string(Master) and now 3rd string. I also would test 4 or 5 lots before buying a case. Just take what I get anymore. I don't expect to win with it in benchrest matches but winning is not as important to me now as it was 10 years ago.

I wish I could find something cheaper to use for 3P though. Wolf Me is almost as expensive as the Center-X. I usually use ammo that didn't work out for benchrest for my 3P, but I am getting low on that stuff too. Good luck. Rich
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The sellor is taking all the ammo back, just as I always thought she would. Great lady and a world champion shooter!

I still am a bit unhappy with Eley, but cold not be more pleased with the sellor.

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