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Id like to start a topic on long distance rimfire shooting basically trying to get the feel for which caliber is the best suited for this application.

My claim to fame was shooting a stock Savage MkII BVTS with a Bushnell elite 10x and target turets witha bubble level.
Best I could do was shooting 12ga shells at 175meters 8-9 out of 10 shots and clays lined up at 250m consistantly. Obviously in ideal weather conditions. Took it out to 300m meters as well, but scope bottommed out and wasnt really reliable at that distance.

Anyone tried this with a 22MAG or 17 HMR considering they're supersonic?

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I first got interested probably 10 years ago, and then there was an article in VHM where there was a winchester sponsored squirrel shoot. I want to say the longest confirmed shots were right at 400 yards with 22lr and around 450 with 22wmr. Ive had a tough time finding spots with good visibility and quarry, ive gone to 300 with 22wmr, hit and miss
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I only started longer distance rimfire this spring. Before, I thought 50yds was a long ways for a .22. I am doing this to learn to read the wind, my scope, trigger control & breathing to help me do better at 600 + yds with my bigger rifles. End's up that I'm hooked on this long range rimfire stuff! I'm good in the wind up to 200yds, & hit at 250 6 or 7 out of ten times in the wind this morning.
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Like Kansas45, I to have only started long range rimfire this Spring, and in doing so have helped to progress our Tuesday Night .22LR group of shooters into shooting long range out to 300 yards on silhouettes and gongs.

We have folks using scopes from 3-7x20, 3-9x32, on up through the Mil-Dot scopes, and they are making a goodly number of hits on the existing silhouettes and gongs from 150 yards to 300 yards.

Where we once shot the "standard" 25 to 50 yards with the occassional 100 yards, we no longer begin with those distance's other then for someone to post paper at 25 & 50 yards to work their way out to a 50 yard zero.

From this 50 yard zero - there is now enough of us to lend some helpful advice as to where one should place the bottom post of their scope on -or- over (depending on distance) the target and target area.

Yesterday I gave our local welder a list of gong sizes to have him cut from 3/16 or 1/4 inch metal (what he has available) for us to hang more challenging swingers;
(150 yd - 6x8"), (175 yd - 7x9"), 200 yd 8x10"), (225 yd - 9x12"), (250 yd - 12x14"), (275 yd - 14x14"), and (300 yd - 14x16")...

We're not trying to duplicate any ballistic comparisons. It is what it is, .22LR long range shooting, and we're having a lot of fun with it. Some are using subsonic ammo, some use standard velocity, while most are using the high velocity stuff. In time I expect many will lean towards the subsonic .22LR round, but they'll get there at their own pace depending on what they are looking to achieve.

The long range .22LR shooting is a lot of fun for all of us.

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A local range has been having 'Extreme Rimfire Silhouette' matches for a few years. I was going to enter the match last Saturday but my house AC died and the repair guy ended up coming Sat morning so I had to miss the match

Read the rules below. 4 yardages starting at the Chickens at 75 meters and the rams are at 188 meters. BR rests and bags !!! No individual windflags !!!

Last week I fired my homebuilt BR 40x to figure out the various clicks needed for the 4 yardages. I made a '20 MOA' base by putting .020" of shims under the rear screw of a one piece Davidson 40x base I had on hand. I used Devcon 10110 to fill in the resulting wedge. Worked perfectly.

The only ammo I had is some Eley Silhouex. It seemed to do fine for the first 3 yardages but at the 205 yd line I had a heck of a time. I would get some wild flyers. I only had 4 boxes and I want to save 2 boxes for the match so I couldn't shoot too much. As I said, I didn't make the match so I have some more time to experiment.

I also have a 22 mag AR15 that I fired at 200 yds last Tuesday. Did terrible. When I got home I inspected the crown and leade and found some issues that I have hopefully corrected. I will try out both the 22 mag and the 40x next Tuesday.
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I made good progress out to 250yds last Sunday morning. I'm shooting at 16" disc blades mounted on electric fence posts. I mounted a Wonders Optics 4-14X50 on my Savage MKII F, replacing the Center Point 4-16X40. The CP is a good, inexpensive scope to be sure, but I've been dying to give the WOTAC a good work out. I usually lives on my TIKKA .308 Varmint & because of the wind & rain lately I haven't gotten a chance to use it much. I'm going for 300 & further while the wind is still down this morning. My Savage MKII FV still has a Center Point on it, & it's a deadly combo. I'll probably leave that alone for awhile.
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Didn't do it with best group in mind, just wanted to see if the bullets would go thru at 300

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I've been thinking about doing this myself. I had two spinal fusion surgeries on my neck this year, most recently 11 weeks ago. I find I can't tolerate the recoil from my highpower rifles very well now. Every shot is literally a pain in the neck. I also can't get into a prone position without significant pain. I'm hoping that shooting off a bench with a 22LR I won't have to put up with pain in my neck everytime I pull the trigger. Besides not shooting well I'm afraid I'm going to develop a bad flinch. I know I'll learn a lot more about reading the wind shooting the 22LR. Only trouble is I'll need to restock it in a benchrest stock to shoot it. Presently its set up for 4 position shooting (Anschutz 1913 in an aluminum stock). I hope someday I'll be able to shoot in position again. For now it looks like smallbore off a bench is my only option.
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