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Boy JC, that's gotta' be hard to live with. I'm not a benchrest competitor. When I shoot frome the bench I use good sandbags to rest on. When using the bi-pod, a rear mudflap off of a 18 wheeler helps to keep the feet of the bi-pod from moving. I don't believe that it is necessary to re stock your rifle, but it would be kinda' cool to have a real benchrest gun, i guess.
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None of my .22's have bench rest stocks, I shoot'em as they came from the factory with my little additions I add - bipod, sling, scope.

I agree with Kansas45, no need to restock to shoot long range .22LR. Sporter class rifles work just fine. I would suggest a 20 MOA EGW Scope Base to zero with at 50 yards.

However, I have also found that even without a 20 MOA scope base (like my Savage MKII FVT with 6-24x42 Tasco Mil-Dot scope) has,,, a 50 yard zero even with a 3-7x20, and/or 3-9x32 scope (like my Lakefiled MKI & Marlin 795 has) - using the bottom post beneath the cross hairs for elevation you can hit out to 300 yards on a metal gong of say 14"x16" like I had made.

I shoot long range .22LR for for what it is - .22LR long range. I don't worry to much about the group size of where I hit on the gongs, I just enjoy the delayed report of the ping I get from making the shot/hit.

I'd suggest shooting it for what it is and enjoy the accomplishment of hitting long range,,,then take the next step if one desires - to tighten the groups at long range, and perhaps up grade your scope setup.
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The thing is my 22LR is not a sporter. It is set up as an olympic free rifle with sling swivel and butthook. It could be shot off a bench but is probably the worst possible set up for doing so. Besides, the Anschutz 54 action is a great action for 22 benchrest. If it turns out that shooting from a bench is all I can do anymore it will be woth the restocking to be able to shoot. As it is I'm starting to get pretty depressed about not being able to shoot without pain.
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You could make or buy a 3" front glide plate that would work in your current forend rail. Should be easy to make something to work with a rear bag. You might could just leave off part of the buttstock hardware to make the backend fit a std rear bag.

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Yes that would help. I even have some Delrin blocks I could make one from. I may do that for the short term. If It turns out that I can't get back into position shooting I'm buy then benchrest stock. Heck, I may buy it anyway. That way I can drop the action into which ever stock is vbest for the shooting of the day. Still hope I eventually can shoot Highpower though. If not there's goning to be a lot of stuff for sale.
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I guess I could also shoot with a bipod on the accessory rail off a bench to start with. The buttstock is certainly not compatible with rear bag in anyway though. It is just two long bolts with the adjustable hook assembly. No way that would ride a bag.
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My groups at 200 yards are about 4 1/2". One time when the wind completely died I put 5 shots into 4 7/8" @ 365 lasered yards. I think shooting at 200 is better than 350 since it is hard to figure out what is happening farther out. By the time the bullet gets there the wind had really knocked it around. It's still fun to dial in the corrections and hit that far out.

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A buddy's kid killed 2 adult prairie dogs at 290-something several years ago in about 5-7 shots(on a calm day) using a little Marlin 22 with 3-9x Simmons set at 3x. He used the plex post tip (about 18 MOA) for reference. The kid now works at HS-Precision building Chey-Tacs, etc. but i bet he'll never forget "The Day of the .22".

I've been doing fairly well on jackrabbits with same-lot Stingers out of my Ruger Charger with 3-9x Rapid Reticle to about 125 yds. or so.

What i'd like to read about sometime is ground squirrel shooting at long-range with 22's. Seems like that'd be the right up a long-range varmint hunters alley.
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