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I never did report on the Long Range BR Silhouette match I shot in. I got a first and a second so needless to say I had a good time. Link

The 188 meter rams are a hoot with a 22 lr. You pull the trigger, the gun bumps your shoulder, then you wait wait wait PING impact [ you actually can hear your own bullet hit at that range ], and then the ram slowly falls over.

The other targets being smaller and lighter go down with more alacrity.

I just chambered up a 17 HM2 bbl for an old Savage Anschutz project BR rifle I built a couple of years back. I just need to do the crown and screw the rifle back together [ I threaded the action ].

The guys at the club say that the HM2 will NOT knock over the rams but I am going to give it a try. I bought 550 rounds of ammo when I bought the reamer !!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if I can hit the rams up high or on the horn I can get them to fall. That will be a real challenge !!!!!
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How has everyone's long range rimfire shooting been going of late? I eventually reached 300 yards, (as far as I can go at my local range), hitting a 17" diameter 1/4" round gong on calm days 8 and 9 out of 10 shots, (never got 10 in a row), and on not so calm of days anywhere from 50% to 70%. I used the .22lr Eley Sport ammo (1080 fps)...

Since reaching 300 yards in early August, I've since worked mainly on my 200 yard 4x5 and 5x7 inch gong shooting. I even did a few practice runs on a 3.5 x 3.5 inch gong at 200 yards with not to bad of results; (10 of 15 and 11 of 15)...

I'm using the same setup as before; Savage FVT with 6-24x42mm Tasco Mil-Dot scope mounted on a EGW 20 MOA Base. I've pretty much settled on the Eley Sport ammo, though I've tried a few others off and on, but the Eley Sport has worked well for me with a moderate price.

Was just wondering what and where the rest of you were with your .22lr long range shooting?
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Our Club ( ) shoots a 200 yard rimfire match each month. We use a A21 NRA smallbore target which has a 4" 10-ring. SO far we have only had one target shot with all 20 rounds in the 10-ring.

What a great match it has turned out to be. We have three classes - benchrest, prone, and metallic sights.

If you live near centeral Arkansas, come out and shoot with us.

George Toney
Match Director for 200 yard RF
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Sounds like lots of fun, Travelor. You guys have a very nice looking range I might add! Very nice!

In the morning I'm off to my local range to do some 200 yard .22lr shooting with my MK II-FVT. It'll probably be the last time I shoot this rifle as I told my son tonight that I was going to hand it down to him. I'm getting a MK II-BTV next week.

Needless to say this was all right with him. I think he's kind of had his eye on it for a while but never complained about his scope mounted Marlin 795 he's been shooting.

He would shoot that 795 with the rest of us at the range and did pretty darn good using a 3-9x32 Tasco scope on that rifle. He was hitting metal out to 200 yards with it,,, sometimes with consistency and other times not so much consistency. He's in for a new treat with the MK II-FVT that carries a 6-24x42mm Tasco Mil-Dot scope mounted on a 20 MOA EGW base.

The reason I'm getting the MK II-BTV is that I've read some good things about it and from what I understand it's a good rifle (reasonably priced) for Tactical Rimfire. Something I'd like to try sometime next year at our local range. I know I could have easily used the MK II-FVT for this, but I also wanted my son to have something that was of higher quality then the 795 Marlin, as well as something that he could compete with - with the potential of better results then the 795 could yeild.

Besides, dad's do these kind of things for their kids.

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we've been doing a friendly little monthly competition on sniper's hide at 100 and 200 using a tq4 and a 3.5" gong at 100 and an a21 and 5x7gong at 200. with my savage mkii and sk match ammo, have been getting -2" at 100 and 5 to 8" at 200 (depending on wind) the grey area is the "simulated gong" as the local range only allows paper. there are different styles to shoot,s these are prone, no rear bag support-just shoulder and hand

100 yards sk ammo

100 yards aguila match

200 yards sk ammo (the 5" written on target should read 8")

200 yards aguila match

with the drop of my .22 at 100, it simulates the drop of MY .308 at 240 yards and at 200, 518 yards, your results may vary

and well, it's just plain fun and good practice to shoot the .22 at those distances, and relly shows up any shooting flaws and is more economical than the centerfire.

with the right ammo for the rifle, it's consistant enough to pick out which shots you "blew" and what part of your form to work on.

as i can't seem to get better scores / groups out of the mkii no matter what i try, looking now at cz's, as they seem a bit more accurate and forgiving on ammo used, as i had the oppurtunity to run some rounds through one lately.
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Originally Posted by Tomcat
Id like to start a topic on long distance rimfire shooting basically trying to get the feel for which caliber is the best suited for this application.
Anyone tried this with a 22MAG or 17 HMR considering they're supersonic? Tom

although i don't have extensive 1st hand experience with the .17, the numbers and people that i have spoke to love 'em more than the .22, however they (and the numbers) tell of major wind drift in the slightest of breezes.

with extensive experience with the .22 mag, the only ammo that runs through mine with the most consistancy and predicability is the 30 gr v max hornady ammo.

in my opinion / experience considering price and stability for target shooting 100-200 yards the 22lr provides the best platform in varying weather conditions. for hunting, i'd pick the .22 mag.
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