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Allright thanks, I'll give er' a whirl.
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I know this is an older thread, but I kept reading the posts about the difficulty folks had getting the Birchwood Casey Brass Cleaner. Birchwood must have read this stuff too. They now have direct sales on their website. I ordered mine last night. Shipping was about as expensive as one bottle, so stock up if you know you'll use it.
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There seems to be several ideas on the best chemistry for the cleaning solutions and I wonder what the consensus is these days. Is there a pointer to a step-by-step ultrasonic cleaning process?

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I bought my ultra cleaner from Harbor F. and it's a dandy for the price, and it cleans everything from a 17 to my 338's very well. but" instead of using ( Casey )I use Iosso and simply green and white vinegar 50% of vinegar and 50% Iosso and 4 shots out of a spray bottle of simply green and it works great.* min. and there as cleaned.
You can get Iosso at midway or sinclair.$25.00 for a gal
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One more idea on the ultrasonic cleaning approach ... I just got a Food Dehydrator from Harbor Freight for $25 and I use it to dry the cases after cleaning. The temperature never gets much about 160F so there is zero chance it will affect the case hardness/temper. So, instead of waiting hours or overnight for the cases to dry you can put them right into the dehydrator and in about 15-30 minutes the cases are nice a dry. Depending on the size cases you should be able to do at least a few hundred at a time and perhaps as many as 1000.

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I'll get my butt over to Harber F. tomrrow and get one of those dryers. thank you
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This is what I use in the ultra cleaner.
I fill the cleaner up with water to just under the full line, I use a plastic candy dish that is 3.575 in dia at the bottom and 4.56 at that top, it's 4.375 tall.
I found plastic pistol bullet box's and cut them to fit the plastic candy dish.I have two different size's of plastic bullet box's that way I can use the big size to hold 357,44,45, 308,30-06,30br,6br,case's in and the smaller hole box's are nice and I can put the necks of the big mags like 300win 338,'s in the smaller holes. But" I only clean about 12 AT A TIME" I have tryed 15 and 12 is the number that cleans them all really good about eight min.
Now in this plastic dish I put in 50% white vinger then add 50% Iosso and then I squert in foue squerts of simple green and mix it up good and I use tape water. set the case's in the bullet box and put it in the ultra cleaner set it to 480 and bing-o it's done. and thank you for the hint on the dehidrater
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I prefer the use of glass beakers for holding cases and cleaning solution and then placing them into the ultrasonic cleaner. I use a 3 cup plunger coffee spare glass (beaker/flask) that is extremely thin walled and heat treated. It works fantastic and appears to be very low loss/resistance to ultrasonic transmission.

I can fit 2 of these glass flasks into my ultrasonic cleaner and clean 50 cases at once. Using a five minute cycle to completely clean the case using 50:50 water:vinegar. The ultrasonic cleaner I use has a ss mesh basket which keeps the glass flasks off the bottom.

The spare glass I use are Bodum Size 3 (3 cup) Part No.1503 and they hold 12oz/0.35L. Check out and look for Component/Spare Part list. Its a Swiss company and the quality seems excellent, I give them rough handling drop cases straight in and absolutely no breakages.

I posted an article here which shows pictures of flasks etc.
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