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I can honestly say while Im fairly new here and to BR in general I think this is one of the if not the best forums available to us that are interested in shooting sports. And while I have asked many questions, that Im sure some may have felt were stupid, I never got one negitive or smart A** response.Everyone here has been nothing but helpful and has increased my learning curve of this sport ten fold!! So THANK YOU to all that partisapate in the shareing of info here this forum, and the people, and info are truely the best on the web !!
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Hi Yo!

I just read through most of the posts in this topic. I know what it is like to have to police your own forum. My forum has 300+ messages per day, and there are quite a few rotten apples. You should consider having a few extra moderators to troll your boards for you to get some load off of your shoulders. Pick some people you trust and that are online a lot, that read most posts anyway.

It really will be a relief for you to have some backup, or just deligate it for the main part to your mods. Gives you more breathing room to add info to the site (do the fun things ).

Let me know if I can help...

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The recent furor over Dan Cooper's support of Obama led to some very insidious remarks and name calling on another site which led to a forum being cancelled. This was the second or third time the personal attacks went way over the top on this particular site; causing the moderator(s) to delete the forum. Unfortunately, many people who posted mature, intelligent posts are paying for the reckless and caustic remarks of a few. If you are unwilling to say to a man's face, eye to eye, what are willing to say on the internet, there's a good possibility you shouldn'y say it. That should be a rule of thumb that passes the legal 'reasonable man' test.

Let me just make a few observations around what I consider to be mature posts from what I use as a yardstick to judge a person. There will always be disagreements and differing opinions. State your case in an intelligent fashion, argue your case in an intelligent and mature fashion. You may not disagree with your opponent but when you resort to name calling and childish behaviour, in my opinion, you've just lost your credibility and your argument.

We are all shooters and gun owners. The one element we can ill afford, is division in our ranks. The liberal elite want to disarm and destroy us. Let's not give them an advantage by destroying ourselves from within.

Lou Baccino
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Well written chino69, I agree completely.
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i have a case seperation in my encore barrel,would like to know how to remove the remainder of the case.The case seperated about one half inch in.the cal. is 6BR,would appreciate any help.
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Take a 260 bronze bore brush shove half way through the neck and twist and pull out after oiling the chamber first. If that doesn't work a #5 easyouy tap. RANDY
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Thanks, will try that and let you know.
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Rewinder Thanks again,i did not have the brush or the easy out but i tried a 7/16 by 14 tap workd great
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