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Recently I have had to close/edit some threads because a few members were posting disparaging or insulting comments.

That won't be tolerated in this board.

Civil exchange of ideas is what we want. It is OK to disagree. But don't insult one another. I don't want to see comments such as "that's idiotic", "you're full of crap", "you are clueless", "you need professional help", "B*llshit" etc.

All that does is provoke a more heated retort and then the thread devolves into a pissing match.

I'm dead serious about this. The AccurateShooter Forum has been around since 2004. So far, we've managed to avoid the kind of flame wars that have spoiled some other Forums.

But I don't want to see this kind of stuff start here, and I think 99.9% of Forum members agree.

So... in short... if you've got your dander up because you disagree with somebody -- stay calm. Keep a level head and don't resort to insults. Don't sink to the other fellow's level. If there is something that offends you, let me know about the issue -- don't just respond back with insults or fighting words.

I have zero patience for this kind of thing. Mainly because I've got a zillion other tasks to perform on this web site. If people can't behave like adults -- can't avoid personal insults and fighting words, then I'll start deleting threads altogether at the first sign of trouble.

I don't have the time to read, police, and sanitize individual responses. If people persist in the flame wars I have no option but to delete entire threads and that would be a dis-service for those who made legitimate posts.

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This forum has not yet fallen victim to childish behaviour. It would be a shame if it did. Unfortunately the more popular you become the harder it will be for you to police.

If you would like some moderators to volunteer I would gladdly help you out. I just dont know what qualifications i need, LOL.

Cheers Mike D.
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Aye aye, Skipper! We're with you.
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Very well stated.
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It is a damn shame that Mr. Moderator has to pin a post like this. I have always been amazed how people can post something that is designed to make the person asking the question feel like a idiot.

Everyone has a lot of questions, no one has all of the answers.

A couple of years ago, we had one of the most opinionated individuals on the planet posting on our forum. He is a smart guy and could have been a valuable asset to our little group....but his comments were always, always, very caustic.

I was very glad to see him go.

Why do we have to draw a line in the sand when someone ask "What do you think about the .17HMR as a deer cartridge?" If you think it a stupid question, just do not comment.

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I for one hope we can keep posts civil. snide remarks take the fun out of it for everybody. i've made posts that were refuted and thats ok. i've been reloading for 22 years and its great to share my expirience with new reloaders. i'm still learning myself and appreciate the posts from more expirienced loaders/ shooters.______treeman
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As a new member here and at this point I tend to sit back and take things in.I have recently aquired an interest in small caliber superfast bullets and longrange accuracy.I have shot mainly handguns for the past 7 years so this is all new,so I may be more inclined to "jump in" if I know I will not be "flamed" for saying something stupid or asking a umb question".I may just read for now,but eventually I will hopefully be able to contribute as well as take from this site.Thanks for having me,jim
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I would like to commend PAUL for running a great website. Generally this is a politically correct bunch with a common goal of safe fun and respectful shooting. We as shooters need to be aware of how we reflect to the non shooting public. Just as shooting is a priveledge so is membership to this website.

Again Paul you are doing a great job.

Rustystud, a/k/a Nathaniel G. Lambeth, Sr
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