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As I grew older my vision changed needing to unscrew the scope eyepiece to the end trying to get sharp clean cross hairs. Needed something to correct optical illusion experienced by scoped firearm shooters and increase the size and clarity of targeted image.

Looking around found expensive internal boost jobs and all of them canceled the scopes warranty. Other external optical boosters are also expensive.

Drawing on my experience and research work in development of precision optic aspherical lens I found something that worked so well and affordable had to offer it to others.

Scope 8-40x Tasco custom 30mm. eye piece adjusted for my vision all way out til mil dots largest and clear.

Same scope with optic lens and eye piece adjusted out till mil dots largest and clear. Does show larger reticule. Best could do with my phone camera.

Scope S&B PMII 3-12x50 without Optic lens. Eye piece adjusted as described above. On 12x.

Same scope and eye piece again adjusted as described above. Scope settings untouched but notice higher power.

The optic is anti-reflective coated and works with Leupold Mark series, Schmidt & Bender PM series, Night Force, Nikon Buck Master, Bushnell, Falcon Menace, Sightron and any scope that can be fitted with Butler Creek lens caps.

Shooters will have an enhanced ability to read mirage and adjust to zero parallax. It magnifies the cross hairs and the target. Depending on how far you place the butler creek cap from the scope lens varies how much magnification from 40% to about 50%. If you shoot with glasses you may find you don't need them using this optic.

Price with a butler creek lens cap for your size scope $70 shipped conus.

The optic alone $60.

Here is the best part you try it and don't like it you pay the return postage in 3 days no questions refund!

This ad on another site was closed because it was deemed a business promotion. Lessor quality commercial products sell for over twice as much so that would make me a pretty bad businessman. I'm offering this because it helped me to continue enjoying long distance precision marksmanship and I want to help promote the same for others.

Military members Veterans covert services overseas special price and will ship to APO.

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