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I shot for 6 years at the NRA JR level, a long long time ago. I'm getting back into shooting and am looking at a Savage Model 12 (the heavier Target Models, 10 and 12 lbs) to start off with and would like any recommendations on specific model, caliber (.223/22-250/6 Norma BR) and scope. I'm going to be shooting at 100, 200 and 300 yards, and would like to eventually learn how to do my own reloading as I get further into it.
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Go with a 223 to start (Cheap)
With the Savage you can re-barrel yourself and change the bolt
head if you want to go to a larger case head(.473)

I love my Rems but this Savage machine is kind of a neat concept.
I just picked up a BVSS for a nice price - So far I like it alot.
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I have two Model 10s, a model 12 and two LRPVs. The two LRPVs are in McRee Precision stocks. If you are looking for target guns I like the LRPVs or a Model 12 BVSS. As far as caliber goes, 6BR is tough to beat, but expensive if you don't reload. For the other calibers, I like that the barrel twists availabe from Savage let me shoot 75gr a-maxs out of my .223s and .22-250s.

If you decide to look at aftermarket parts, the McRee stocks are a nice addition.

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I have a Savage LRPV(RBLP) in .204 Ruger that is now pillar bedded into a Bill Shehane MBR Tracker stock. Factory 6oz. trigger, Leupold competition glass, and there you have a budget short range benchrest gun. I don't compete, just shoot usually 100/200yds sometimes out to 300yds. With my handloads (35gn Bergers and ~24gn of RL-10X) the rifle can pull off it's share of 0.3's and under during a good range session. My personal best group with it is 5 shots, 0.176" @ 100yds. Next to no recoil, not that loud, and by using only 24-25gn of powder the .204's cheap to load for.

The factory barrel has ~1800rds through it and shows no signs of going south any time soon. Of course I don't get it hot and try to keep the fouling to a minimum. Once it gets a new PacNor barrel things should get interesting.
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I have a 12 FV in a Choate Sniper stock, Simmons 6-20 glass and it's chambered in 204 Ruger (factory) and I just rebarreled it into a 6mm-223.

The 204 shot hand loads in the .2's to .3's at 100y and about 1/2 MOA at 600y with 40 Vmax and mil-surp H335. That's not a "wallet target" but it does that on a regular basis. Best group with it is about .165" for 5 shots at 100y.

I have not grouped the 6mm-223 yet since I just finished chambering it on Sat. evening and just used it to pop a couple water bottles in my parent's yard.

It's wearing a 27.5" finished length Shilen 1:8 twist straight bull barrel. It was a breeze to headspace after I threaded it, the factory 204 Ruger tube I can drop back on quickly and just check the headspace and go shooting.

Great rifles, I have a feeling I'm going to be buying a bolt face and a barrel soon to turn it into a 22-284 project since this experience was so easy. All in all I am more than pleased with it.
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The .223 reccomendation is an excellent cartridge to start with. It's easy to load for and very accurate with handloads. Another plus is that you can achieve 22/250 "performance" by changing out the barrel to .204 and extend the range to 400yds or so. If you're up in the air about which Savage model to go with, let me suggest the #12 low profile single shot-extremely accurate platform!!Steve-share your sport
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Thanks for the replies. I am going to go with the Model 12 BVSS in .223 to start with. It makes sense to me to start out with this equipment from all that I've read. Haven't decided on a scope as yet. Thanks
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