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I'm curious, when is it best to glue vs bedding an action? Is it the purpose of the rifle, ie. short range vs long range? Is it the length and weight of the barrel? It seems that most short range rigs are glued and most long range rigs are bedded. I'm contemplating glueing in a new bat and hanging a 28" barrel off it. My reasoning is that a correct pillar bed job still has to stress the action where the bolts go and if the action is made to come out then there has to be the slightest bit of play. I'm still contemplating this and would love to hear opinions and experiences of those who know more than me, thats most everyone.
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Just a couple of thoughts.

Most short range bench guns have bbls that are under 22 inches and are glued into the stock. Ask someone how you get a glued in action out of a stock? Well, you subject it to extreme cold or heat. They usually come out of the stocks pretty easy using either of those two techniques.

Question is, during use, when does the bedding start to come loose. When I am out in cold weather shooting, when I am out during a 100 degree summer day and the bbl heats up? How much of the 100 percent contact between stock and action exists?

Many benchresters used to glue and screw their actions into the stocks just to make sure. Nothing like flying to a benchrest match and finding out that your rifle came unglued!!!

It is standard practice for a LR bolt gun to be pillar bedded into place. These rifles are used for 1000 yd shooting and have to exhibit extreme accuracy. They do have much longer bbls (usually 30 inches). When properly bedded, the contact between bedding and action is intimate (you can check it out with prussan blue).

Just to have an experiment for yourself. Pillar bed the action in and see how it shoots. You can always add the glue and see if the accuracy improves. My bet is that you won't be able to tell the difference.

Another issue is that I have an aversion to taking a file to the bottom of a beautiful/expensive custom action so the glue has sufficient purchase. Just the mechanic/machinist in me.

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Is this Chris Mackey? If so how are you doing. Those boys at Piedmont really tore it up this year (again). I bought one of those BATs from you the same time Mike did.
Hey even if it's not the Chris I know, be safe over there, watch yor a$$, and thank you.
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