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I'm new to hunting, this will be my second year as a hunter with my family. I'm looking to hunt new places near where I live in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. I did enjoy groundhog hunting behind my house but it seems there are no more hogs. In addition I'm not to sure if they would be living right off of a mountain, and I do not know of anyone with a farm that would like them to be done with. I would like to hunt some more, I thought they were fun to get with my bow. If anyone would like to have a friend for small game hunting you can let me know for when the season starts up next month. I also want to try my new Crosman Storm XT break barrel air rifle to use for small game and see how that works. If anyone can help just reply to me.
Thank you.
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love ground hog hunting myself. I live in central ohio. we have farmers who invite you to clear the ground hogs. last year my buddy had 3000.00 in ground hog damage to his farm equipment
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I live East of you near Beltsville Lake. There is plenty of hunting over this way. A little far perhaps for a quick trip, but there are deer and a lot of turkey. The state must have stocked ring necks because they are all over the place here right now. They stock around the lake. Other than the swimming area and right around the buildings it's pretty muck all open to hunting. Some special bow hunting areas also.

When it comes to groundhog hunting you just need to knock on doors. If you see someone with horses they'll absolutely HATE groundhogs. I got a lead on an HUGE farm about 15 minutes East of me yet that is pretty hunter friendly. I may check it out. When I asked about some place I can reach out with the 6br on some ground grizzlies the dude told me to check this farm out.

I think down rt 61 from you there is Weiser National Forest just north of Port Clinton if you're not familiar with it you might want to check it out. Don't know how the pressure is over that way, but around here there has been NOBODY bow hunting. It's been dead. I haven't seen many guys out at all.

Take care,

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Last year we went to Arizona, very drivable from Southern California where I live. Lots of fun. But, not like Wyoming!
Also shot at Tajon Ranch with a friend.
Anyone have ideas on other varmints & places in Southern California?
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