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I shot my 6br today for the second time. I had some issues with the brass, but thats all sorted out. Anyway I am shooting the 87gr v-max with 30.3 gr of varget bullets set in the lands. I am getting 2 separate groups with this load about a bullet and a half width apart. This is the second groups that this load did the same thing. The 65gr v-max shot better so i am not going to shoot this load but i was hoping to learn something from this. Is there anything beside myself that would cause this to happen twice in a row? Bullet seating, powder, primer, anything? Like i said just hoping to learn a bit here. thanks as always fellas!! Lee

I just measured my groups and noticed another group also has separation. Its like two separate groups?? Also noticed some vertical in a few groups. Shot all these groups at 100 yards. This is my hunting rig and the rifle is sitting in an HS varmint stock. I had the rifle resting in my benchrest 3" front bag so it wasnt the ideal situation anyway. All powder was varget and all loads were loaded to set in the lands. I assume most of this is me but there is the one group with 66gr Brady knight bullets that 5 shots went .217 so i am not real sure how to make heads and tails out of this. Thanks again Lee
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Measure the bearing surface on those Hornady bullets. I suggest, based on my experience with the 87s, that you should also measure the DIAMETER of the bullets and sort accordingly.

I think you may also get better results with more powder (if you have room left in the case. You might also try jumping the 87s .020" or more.

Also, how are you measuring to the lands? Had one fellow come by recently. He thought he was .020" from the lands. Turns out he was .040" when measured with the Stoney Point tool. He was "eyeballing" marks on his bullets and going from there.

Lastly, don't expect a factory hunting bullet to shoot anywhere near as tight as a nice custom match bullet.

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I measure with a home made stoney point type gauge. I will also measure the bullets and see what i come up with. I will also try jumping them. My velocity was 2980 with the load above. How fast should the 87gr bullets me going? Didnt have any signs of pressure so i will try a bit more powder. Thanks Lee
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Some thing else i just noticed. I just painted the stock on this rifle last Monday. The thickness of the paint is keeping the barrel from a compete free float. About 4" from the recoil lug out to the muzzle is touching. I wonder if this has anything to do with it. But then again it shot those 66gr Knight bullets lights out!! Anyone? Thanks Lee

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A round forend in a three inch bag.......
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Ya. It was tough to say the least. I tried to use the corner of the rest the best i could. I just ordered a bag from sinclairs. Lee
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hey nice setup.has the little one shot the 22-250 yet.Johnboy
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The barrel hitting the stock is like a tuner. It has the barrel vibration wrong for the 87g bullet and right for the other one. You need to clean the paint from the barrel channel and try again.

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