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Hi All,

As I am new to the world of target shooting, I was after some details on what group sizes would be considered good for a .22LR

I have ony had my Sako Quad for about 4 weeks and the best group so far is a 10 shot group which is 0.695" at 50 meters.

Any info / advise would be greatly appreciated.



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I would be happy with that.
I shoot 15000 to 20000 rounds in the field here in Tas.
that is about what i get with my CZ
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Group sizes for 22 rimfire rifles are finiky at best. You have a very good rifle and it is probably capable of better groups with the "right" ammo.

Ammo is the key to performance in rimfire rifles and two guns of the same make and model may not like the same ammo. The BR guys think a gun that groups in the .25" at 50 yards is marginal (reason being is that the X-ring is a dot on their targets and they want guns capable of hitting it every time). I think that your groups are pretty darn good for a non-benchrest gun. You are getting to the point that ammunition, technique, and scope/rest begomes the the hurdle to address.

If you are searching for better groups than you have gotten so far, you will need to get your wallet out and try the better grades of Ely ammo, but as I said, 22LR's are finiky. Might also try different lots of SK Standard Plus and even some Wolf. I ahve a small lot of Wolf that woll shoot one ragged home at 50 yards with a BRNO target rifle.

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So far I have tried several different brands of ammo.

The best so far has turned out to be a line of ammunition that is has just be discontinued here in Australia. RWS Geco. I am hoping that their more "premium" lines of ammunition will work just as good, if not better.

I have tried the Eley Match and it was just under th 1" grouping.

But I shall continue to try as many different brands as I can before trying trigger weights etc.


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What Travelor said is true to a point. The point is that in Smallbore 50 ft compitition the x is the same size as the bullet. No scopes, only Iron. A .22 at 50 yards is a plinker, at 100 yards you need to move up. I use a .22WMR for hunting up to 120 yards. It will go further, but I like to shoot head shoots on vermin. I use an A-bolt. A number of years back I discharged a shotgun shell at 45 yards w/ it. Shooting is 95% mental. Some of my .22's like Winchester Wildcats, some Aguila Ely, some CCI. Never the 500..550 round value packs.
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How far do you intend to shoot, Crackers? I only ask because I like the long range .22LR shooting,,, with at this time being 150, 175, and 200 yards.

I don't expect to gain any outstanding groups from those ranges but I would like to see my groups from 150 yards shaved down to a consistant 2" to 2.5" groups, then perhaps work from 175 yards at getting 3" to 3.5" groups that are consistant, and then move out to 200 yards where I'd like to get 4" to 4.5" group consistancy.

Beyond 200 yards I'd have to play it by ear and see what I'd be capable of with what I have, (Savage MarkII FVT w/6-24x42 with AO-Tasco Mil-Dot scope) which someday I hope to upgrade to a higher quality scope but for now I'll try and make what I have work.

Subsonic ammo of course.

To be quite honest I don't know if I'm over or under reaching with my goals? Only range work will answer that. Good shooting!
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Hi Joe,

Most of my shooting at the range has been between 50 to 100m.

However I have just found out about rim fire fly shooting which is carried out at 200m. So I, like yourself will have to work on improving my groupings at such distances. For the time been I will have to use my 3-9x40 VXII until I can save up for something larger.

I should be off to the range later in the week so I shall let you know how I go at the longer distances.

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Originally Posted by Crackers

But I shall continue to try as many different brands as I can before trying trigger weights etc.

I would immediately work on the trigger if you could. Simply improving the trigger on a rifle won't magically make it more accurate, but it will make it much easier for you to shoot it accurately.

Oh, give SK Pistol Match Special a try.
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