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Quite a few years ago, I picked up a brick of Hanson standard velocity .22 l/r (green boxes) made in Yugoslavia. It wouldn't cycle semiauto rifles or pistols, but was the most accurate ammo I had in a T-bolt which was accurate with nearly everything. It was better than Rem match, Fed match or any of the other 10 or so kinds of ammo that I tried, including Eley Tenex. I wish I had bought more.

The Hanson high velocity (orange boxes) is not quite as good, but cycles semiauto rifles and pistols.

I don't know if any of it is available anymore, but if you find some of it, try it. Especially the green box.

Good shooting, Tom

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I added a 20 MOA EGW Base to my Savage Mark II FVT as so to reach 200 yards without using the Mil-Dots. I haven't had a chance to check things out at this 200 yard range as yet, but I did zero at 50 yards, and now have my elevation turrent turned up for 200 yards for my next range trip.

I've been working with the Eley Sport .22LR ammo on this long range project. Not a high grade of ammo, but actually it performs pretty darn well.


I target shoot as well during our local Tuesday Night .22LR get togethers that start tonight (June 9th) at 6:30 pm and will run most likely to 8:30 pm. We shoot outside since we still have light at this time of year.

We'll punch some 25 & 50 yard paper, then ping some gongs out to 75 and 100 yards. All shooting will be done offhand on the 25 yard paper & 75 & 100 yard metal. The 50 yard paper can be shot from the kneeling or setting position, (shooter's choice), and we do allow the use of a sling and scope.

I don't know what will be considered good groups on our paper targets because of our shooting style we use on these Tuesday Night gatherings, but I'll let you know what folks are getting from this stand point of shooting.

I will add that with a "lesser" quality of rifle then my Savage Mark II FVT,,, yesterday I was out with my Marlin 795 that carries a Bushnell 3-9x32 scope, and from the bench I did get a 3/8ths inch five shot group from 25 yards using just the rifle's bipod and sling, (no sand bagging)... The ammo I used was kind of a sleeper for me as this was the first I ever used this that I have on hand - it was; Winchester 40 grain X22LRPP.

Now that was the best group I got with this ammo. Here is what I did with 6 targets - all 5 shot groups; #1 - 11/16", #2 - 15/16", #3 - 15/16", #4 - 15/16", #5 - 31/32", & #6 - 3/8"...

Not great at all with most groups close to an inch, but the 3/8" group made it a worthy effort and I sure don't know how that happened? Even a poor dart thrower will throw a bullseye now and again...

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