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Just for conversation........

My 14 twist 22-243 would do 4600 with 40 grain Ballistic Tips and still hold together just fine. A 14 twist 22-284 will do better with it's larger capacity.
Won't quite beat the record for shortest barrel life..........
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40's @ 4600 huh? Yowza...

I have a 1:14 that was earmarked for another project. At 66 bucks for a barrel that's not a big sacrifice to look for 4800
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Dear Mr BoehmR, Let me get this right!! You do not want to buy other types of primers for this 22-284 rifle and you say that the dies are extremely expensive. Well, my Friend, that is the cost of building a super smoker. If you think that these costs are expensive, just wait until you start to rebarreling your rifle after you shoot out that barrel with velocities of 4300 to 4600(!!) fps. So you are going to invest in a good barrel which will cost you about $280.00 have it chambered, crowned, headspaced, and installed for about an additional $200.00 and you are going to burn out this barrel after about 700 to 900 rounds? Just some food for thought! Also, think about the reason why there is not that much information about reloading this caliber. That is probably because other people have tried it and they did not care for what they got!
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1) Primers are near-on impossible to find right now, I wanted to know if it was possible to start with what I already had.

2) A second barrel just to catch the max velocity would not be a 300 dollar barrel, I'd put a 65 dollar A&B on it.

3) Installation, crowning, headspace, etc etc is also just my time. I'm actually building the rifle on my tools with my reamer and my support equipment.

4) It's a curiosity toy that might see a total of 2000 rounds anyway, the action is effectively free, and if it's an albatross for any of a number of reasons then I've only wasted 3" of a barrel that's already 26" long and my time. I'll put it back on something else or just build a 22-250

So back to complaining about expensive dies, if I decide I don't like it and I want to move on to another tinkering toy I haven't bought a 150 bucks in dies, I can give the brass to the kind people who offered me help in this curious experiment and say "yes I did it, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be."

Total cost to me is parts and some thank you's to people who showed me some favors with dies and information, brass, etc.

Total cost to pay someone else to do all the work means that I wouldn't be building this rifle. In fact, most of the 'smithed up toys that I have would not be mine either. That's what's nice about doing your own work from the ground up.
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I have a set of RCBS dies. The FL sizer needs a decap rod, but I'll take $35.00 for 'em.
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medicineman, you have a PM.
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I had a bit of a realization at the range this weekend.

I have some 284 Win brass that I had necked up to 30 cal and used with no other changes to shoot in my k31. I also have about 800 new cases of real 7.5 Swiss cases from Grafs. The only difference from measuring the outside of the cases quickly was that the 7.5x55 uses a 503 base and we all know the 284 is a 473 rebated rim.

Anyone ever tried to turn the rim back a little to the 473 base and make 284 cases from 7.5x55 Swiss?

I have more than a lifetime of brass for the k31 considering how much I shoot it, this would solve my issue that I wanted to avoid buying expensive-ass 22x284 Brass
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