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Hi All-

I'm pretty new around here, I made a "hello world" intro a few months ago and I'm looking for some info now on powders for a 22-284. I tried searching for "22x284 22-284" etc and the search engine told me that was too common, I gave up after sifting through the 6th page of threads.

I'm building one on a spare k98 that I have sitting around and decided a super fast 22 was the next thing I was going to do while I finished up the design for another toy.

I've seen very little on loading data or starting loads for a 22-284 and I could use some help on powders and starting loads to take a look at and try to work up from there.

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So your going to build a barrel burner huh
To appreciate all it will do you'll need a fast twist in the 1 in 8 range...
80 grain SMK's are the bullet to use... .020 off is where they usually do best...
RL 25 is a good powder or any of the slower burners...
50 grains will get you started, and go from there....
215 Mag Federals will help also...
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Preacher, thanks for the info.

Is the Fed primer the key or the mag primer? I have about 10k CCI 250's on my shelf, I don't particularly want to go hunt out another brand of primer just for 1 caliber. Although, a single pack of 1000 would roast out the barrel wouldn't it?

Thanks for the help on the powder too, I'm going to the Valley Forge Gun Show tonight, I'll try to pick up a pound of one of them tonight.

Will a Berger 75 VLD take the velocity? I have a box of them that my dad doesn't like for his 22-250, it would be nice to use up the free components I have fireforming the brass.

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The fed is hot but if you have the 250's use em up.. it sure won't hurt anything..
Depends on how long ago the bergers were made, the thin jackets will come unglued at those velocities, but may be OK for fireforming..
H-1000 is another good powder from what I've heard...
I toasted my 22/6mm Ackley in less than 800 rounds 'O)
I still have a 22/284 but havn't done much with this one yet, picked it up in a 40X with a unfired Lilja 30 inch barrel on it, it's still in the safe for now... been building a 7 mm SAUM Ackley to play with varmints this year...
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So I haven't made any motion on this build because right about this time I stumbled across a killer deal on a 204 Ruger in a Savage 12.

I haven't cut it off the list yet, but since I own the reamer and my dad is a velocity nut somewhat, I have 2 things I want to accomplish with a 22x284

1) 75-90 grain 22's in a 1:8 twist
2) I already have a spare 1:14 twist bull barrel, for the sake of the work involved with fitting a second barrel, does anyone have an idea about pushing a 40 Vmax or 50 Vmax as fast as possible with this slow twist barrel to see if I can crack past the 4300 mark?

The biggest holdup to this caliber is that dies and brass are hugely expensive, dies alone are 100 bucks and that doesn't include a neck sizer.

I have 1 barrel already and the action and a stock it will fit in for now, feeding it is the thing stopping chips from flying.

Anyone happen to have some laying around that they want to sell off? I know, it's a long shot, but still.
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I kinda doubt those light weight max's will hold together at the speeds they'll be moving at........
I still have my 22/284 in the safe, but could lend you my Neil Jones dies for it just to get it running.
I have my 7mm SAUM AI about ready to shoot and won't have the time to play with the 22/284 for a while... and have been thinking of selling the Lilja barrel and dies...
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That's a nice offer, I very well may take you up on it in a little while. I'm refinishing my k98 based 30-06 and that's my current project for upcoming fall season, thanks for the help and offer. I should have it ready to send off for blue in about 2 weeks, after that I would like to start truing the action for the 22x284.

If you sell of the barrel and dies, do you have any brass that is going too?
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Yes a few, I believe I have 25 cases ready to go that have been turned and necked down to fit, and another 25 waiting in the wings....
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