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NodOff, yes I would recommend the Savage F-Class 6BR. My friend has one that he bought for varmint hunting. I would recommend a Nightforce NXS scope, power is up to you, I am using a NXS 8x32x56mm. I would recommend Nightforce Rings and Bases. This would be an excellent set up for varmint hunting.
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6br, On the Savage would you do the dual port (12 Benchrest) or stay with the "F" Class model?
Do varmint shooters use the dual port?
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Nodoff, the regular F-Class will be perfect. My friend's Savage F-Class 6BR is very nice and very accurate.
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6BR, On the NightForce scopes isn't it desirable to have the zero stop? I don't believe the 2x32 has it.
I have been looking at the NP-R2 reticle.
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6mmAI..........13 twist for the 75`s or a 10 twist and use the 87`s....

A 6mmAI with a 13 twist using 75gr.V-max bullets is my 1000 yrd. choice....
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My 6BR 12F has the excellent Farrell rings and bases with a Nightforce BR 12-42, FCH reticle. It shoots better out of the box than any factory rifle I have owned and that includes four 40-X Remingtons going back to 1978.

I do not think the Savage 12F 6BR can be beat for value and accuracy. At 15+ pounds, it is just so pleasant to shoot that I hate running out of ammo at the range.
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I will go out on a limb and say the 6-284. I currently have a 6mm-284 that is built on a M700 short action with a 30.5" K&P barrel (1-9" twist with a 1.25" diameter straight taper). It sits in a McMillan Hunter Benchrest style stock and weighs in about 25 pounds with the nightforce 8-42x56 scope. I am able to shoot 87g Vmax's at 3600 FPS without even pushing it. There is no problem shooting 105g Amax's at 3250fps (anything much above that is about where they begin to come apart). While i agree that a 6.5 shooting somehting like a 140g Amax wouldn't be a bad choice the name of the game for varmint hunting is wind doping and accuracy but hard hitting power at those long ranges is still important. If you shoot a groundhog with a 105g or 140g berger vld at 1000 yards then it has been my experience that it will likely pencil through allowing the critter to crawl off back into it's hole. The last thing you want is to make an incredible shot and for the thing to get away. At 1000 yards, my 6-284 shooting the 87g vmax's is pushing about 1600 fps. The 105's are also clipping along at about 1700 fps. The amax's hit pretty hard for a "match" bullet and this speed is still fast enough for pretty dramatic expansion from both bullets.

While the 87's are no match bullet they still shoot great and have a claimed B.c. of about .400. They drift about 8-10" more than the 105's after you get past 700. They keep up with the 105's when they are launched at 3600fps.

You could always go to shooting 115g bergers (i'm pretty sure they make a bullet that heavy) or something like that out of the 6-284 if you aren't happy with the 105's or 107's. The 107's will hold together up to at least 3400 fps in my experience and i've heard of several taking them to 3500 or so.

I have found that we can punch numbers all day long but in reality many times we are comparing apples to apples.

The only real drawback with the 6-284 will be sighting your misses. I can easily spot for myself at 1000 yards when shooting my 6-284 because of it's weight. The 140g 6.5 bullets will kick up a little more dust but i doubt it will be that much more. Overall i have been very impressed with the performance that i get out of mine.


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THE 6CM with a 115 DTAC or BERGER at 3150.
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