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I have been trying to figure out what cartridge I am going to use for my new heavy gun long range varmint rig. I already have a 6BR (Orange Crush), but I need another rifle to help out with the 800 to 1000 yard shots. I was originally going to go with the 300 WSM, but the more I think about it and look at the ballistics of the 6x284 and 6.5x284, I believe one of these tow cartridges would be the better choice. Plus, I don't want the extra recoil that the 300 WSM would generate.

With this build, I am not concerned about barrel life, so I am thinking either a 6x284 or 6.5x284. Both have awesome ballistics out to 1000 yards. Here are the drops and windage adjustment for 800, 900, and 1000 yard shots, with a 10mph wind, using the 105grn Lapua Scenar out of the 6x284 and the 139grn Lapua Scenar out of the 6.5x284:

6x284 pushing the 105grn Scenar at 3200fps (Can push at 3400fps)
800 yards-Elevation-15.75MOA, Windage-4.75MOA
900 yards-Elevation-19.25MOA, Windage-5.50MOA
1000 yards-Elevation-23.00MOA, Windage-6.50MOA

6.5x284 pushing the 139grn Scenar at 3000fps
800 yards-Elevation-17.00MOA, Windage 4.50MOA
900 yards-Elevation-20.75, Windage 5.00 MOA
1000 yards-Elevation-24.00, Windage 5.75MOA

I have owned both of these cartridges so I am very familiar with them. However, I had to sell both of them and was never able to use them enough to really know what they could do. I know they are excellent cartridges, I am just trying to figure out which one I should go with. I am hoping to get some feed back from guys who have used these cartridges at the competitions and in the fields. Remember, I am not worried about barrel life with this rifle and I will be going with a 30" barrel so I will have plenty of barrel for at least three set backs one the time comes. Here are the specs I am going to use;

1. Stiller PYTHON 1.650 Diameter Action.
2. Bartlein, 30", 1-8 for the 6mm or 1-8.5 for the 6.5, 1.450 STRT Cylinder.
3. Tooley MBR Stock w/3 Lb's lead added to rear.
4. Jewel Trigger.
5. Vais Muzzle Brake
6. Stiller 30mm 20MOA Off set rings.
7. Weight will be around 30 to 35 lbs

I will be using it off the bench and I want it heavy for stability and to really lesson the recoil so I can get back into the scope quick to view the hits and MANY misses at 800 to 1000 yards. This is a really hard decision and would like to get a vote from all the viewers. I am leaning toward the 6.5x284 because of the better performance in the wind and the possibility that I will be shooting in 1000 yard competitions. The 6.5x284 will have more recoil with the bigger bullet. But with a heavy, braked rifle, I don't think she will recoil to much. If I go with the 6x284, I could use the same bullets that I use in the 6BR and that would be convenient too. Plus, my gunsmith has my old reamer from my prior 6x284 build. I also thought about a .260, but I want more horsepower. Anyhow, would love to get your input on the project and cartridges.
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The bigger the better. You need a big bullet to see you inpact at long range. Talk to some F- Class shooters. They shoot a lot of rounds a year. see what is working for them.

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You can "cream" all over those ballistics for a 6x284, but the fact is barrel life is out the window at those numbers.
Accuracy nodes that are winning 1000 yard matches every day with good barrel life are 2850 to 3100 from the 6's.

In the improved cartridges, 3000 to 3100 from the 105/107/115 bullets will rial any caliber out there at 1000yrds and are proving just that all the time....

The "2008 NBRSA 1000 Yard Nationals" was dominated last summer by 6Dasher's with RL15 & 105-VLD's by 3 separate shooters (Sterling, Schatz, Capeheart).

Happy Shooting
Donovan Moran
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Finally, at least you have it down to two choices.
Just do the 6.5-284 and get on with it. While you say barrel life isn't a concern, the 6 will be less, due to the same amount of powder down the smaller hole than the 6.5. All the ballistic gack is only relevant to where the accuracy node is at. Typically, the 6.5 is around the 2950 or so range. My 6-284's have been around the 3250 range. A couple of 6.5's were at 3040.
I think the new gun's 1.450" barrel's balance point will be too far forward. I think you'll need to add more lead or go to a tapered and/or fluted barrel. You're worried about setting the chamber back too much and not a balanced gun on the bags. I had a 1.450" 6.5 barrel blocked gun and the barrel itself weighed 13 lbs. 3 ozs. My latest HG has a 31", 1.380" fluted and tapered to 1.145" weighing 9 lbs. 2 ozs and five pounds of lead added for balance.
With a 30 pound gun you'll be able to spot your shots without a brake and still shoot in IBS.
Enough talk, order parts.

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You guys are real close to my latest project.
I'm looking for a caliber for 600-800 maybe 1000 yards varmint shooting. I have a 20VT & a 22-250. I have been considering a 6BR in a Savage 12 "F" Class or a custom made 6.5 x 284 or 6.5 Creedmoor. The rig should be weighing in around 15 +/- with scope.

Scope: Either a NightForce 8-32x56 or a 5.5-22x50 NXS. Should I run out of money I might temporarily put on a much cheaper scope

Any advice or comments?
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NodNoff, if you don't have a 6BR, you should get one ASAP.
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Alf, thanks for the info. I will go with more weight in stock If I go with that size barrel. It looks like I am going to go with the 6.5x284.
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to 6BR

Building a 6BR would you consider the Savage 12 "F" Class?
What scopes for PD's at 600-1000 yds?
Mounts & rings?
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