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I hunt groundhogs and whitetail deer. My longest shot on a deer is 450 yards using a 30-06. I have shot groundhogs out to 720 yards with a 22-250. I went to Canada in 2003 for caribou, shot two bulls.
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Deer are my addiction w/ turkeys a close second.
Season starts out w/ Dove in Sept. Then the bow for deer if I don't draw an elk tag. Deer from Sept-Dec with archery and gun, eastern varmints till Turkey season in April. Longest deer 495 yards, longest prairie dog 1120 yards.
-Greg NC
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What great response!

Lets see some pictures!

When I see some I'll post some. Where is Chuck????


I got my 6.5x47 on this board in the classified section. It's either in the mail or going in the mail Saturday.

Let's go hunters, REPRESENT !!!!! PICTURES !!!!!!
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Not much of a trophy hunter, but I do hunt deer and elk (still trying). Either with a bow or rifle. Nothing gets your heart going like bugling in a big boy and have him stomp and snort around you.

I put in for big horn sheep and antelope every year, still waiting.

I think I have just as much fun hunting varmints in the spring and summer. Whether its rockchucks (limited) or digging ground squirrels (smaller targets than P-dogs), I try to reach further and further. My goal this year is to get one at 1000 yards, we'll see.

I passed my trappers test a couple of years ago, haven't done much with it. Trapped one beaver. Shot one bobcat.

Then I hunt waterfowl all winter, and finish up by chasing a coyote. One season to the next.
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Small game hunting for most of the time, big game if the possibility arises (and the funds)

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Most my hunting is done with a knife, I know its a little off the subject of tis board but its the way I hunt.

Most my hunting is done with dogs for wild hogs in Hawaii. Other game I hunt are Mouflon sheep,Axis deer,Blacktail deer,Feral sheep and Feral Goat.

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I certainly can see why U call urself the "Hogdogger".....I like the pic where your son has the hog by the snout...hahah...and great shot of the tusks...I used to hunt when I was I am disabled and can barely tote the target rifle from the car to the bench....but shure remember the thrill of the hunt and the taste of fresh meat....enjoy every minit with your children...thanks for the great pics..."Aloha",,Roger
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Great pictures HogDogger!

My grandpa use to hunt with a knife for feral pigs here in California. Had the scars on his arm to prove it to!

Too crazy for me, bow someday but a knife never.

When I was in the Navy (at Peral Harbor) I saw a hunt like you do advertised by a guide but they used a spear. It had an Hawaiian name but I can't remember it.

You didn't throw the spear you stuck the pig with it once the dogs had it trapped.

That's real hunting what you do. Maybe you should change your name to Rambo!

Keep the pictures coming people!
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