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I am going to Wyoming in the morning to shoot for four days. It has been too long since I have been on a hunting trip...

Talk to you guys when I get back.

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Got this guy last weekend of the season this year. I got out of the stand b/c it was much colder than I thought and wasn't prepared. It was about 45 min before dark. I had been hearing a lot of coyotes around the last couple of weeks. I went to the top of a hill and parked in some hay bails. I was sitting on my toolbox with an older gentleman and started to call. about 15 min into it this deer walked out in the field about 200 yards away. I didn't even know it was a buck at the time. The gentleman is the land owner and he told me to shoot it for meat. Only one other deer was taken on that lot of 400 acres last season. When we pulled up and the head lights hit him we were very surprised. He dropped on the spot. Y'all wouldn't believe what I shot him with and what bullet I was using!

I like to deer hunt, but I like to be out in the woods more. I have hunt deer a lot but only shot 3. Most of the time I let them walk. I grew up crow hunting and my longest is 550 yards. Just started coyote hunting and I love it. Only have one under my belt but I have called more in and then screwed it up. Went turkey hunting a couple of times this year. I really enjoy that as well. Of course I am in Louisiana so ducks and geese are on the menu but I only go when I get invited. Dove hunting in Texas every year is a great pleasure.

I am a member of Palo Alto Range and we have a 600 yard F-Class range. Haven't shot that yet but am looking forward to doing it.

Thanks for reading, Nick

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live for hunting and hunt to live! AM truly blessed I hunt almost every day of the week. I have to drive about 60 miles every day to work through northwestern Nevada and northeastern Calif.I usually switch around my guns just to make it more challenging ,one day it might be .223 the next 6.5-06 my m1 garand . lots of bobcat, you can still buy 5 tags for 15.00, black bears ,coyotes,squirrels,badger,mountain lion,deer, two of them I got with my truck without firing a shot! that for a great site guys its definitely my favorite
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Really sounds like you have it great.... Wish it were that easy where I live.

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We hunt mule deer, white tail, elk, moose, coyotes, fox, straycats, and yes the p-dog. I shoot a 330 Dakota, 6.5-06AI, 7.82 patriot, 250 savage AI, 270, 6x47, 6mmBR, but my favorite is still the old anshutz 22LR for plinking. By the way Chuck don't come to Wyoming yet, it's snowing today and the turning to rain threw the rest of next week.
Best of luck to all, and God bless,
Chuck M
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My main hunting now is deer and groundhogs. I have killed a lot of deer. For 15 years I helped a friend control hunt a 1800 acer farm in NC and we had to take 100 deer a year. They don't have that program anymore on the farm but I still go on a 3 week hunt there every fall. This past year in this section of NC they had unlimited doe permits. I killed 7 doe and 2 buck. My main deer rifle is a 25-06 but I have killed deer with about everything from a bow to a 45-70. I like to use my 25-06, 308, 30X47 HBR, 6.5X55 Swede, 270 Win. rifles and 6mm-225 Win. and 357 mag. barrels on my T/C Contender pistol. I hunt groundhogs with different rifles. This year I have been using my 6.5X55 Swede. It is a model 96 Swede that has been sporterized. I have killed 5 groundhogs this spring with it so far. I use to hunt most of the small game that lives in East TN and have hunted black bear and turkey. We are starting to get some coyotes around here and I bought a call just yesterday and am going to try my hand on them soon with my AR-15 223.
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Mostly I get worked up about hunting mule deer. Was fortunate enough to take a nice 6x6 bull elk a few years ago too. Do some predator and varmint hunting as well. I like to hunt birds too - quail and pheasant mostly.

I've hunted with bow, shotgun, muzzle loader & modern rifle - but never just ran in and stabbed a boar with a knife. Now that's something special!

The past few years I've become addicted to hunting with a .25-06 Remington 700. Light recoil and vicious on the mulies. The best thing though, is hunting with my son and/or Dad. Family hunting tradition staying strong through the generations.

Regards, Guy
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Here's a few of my hunting photos. May have posted some before:

Youngest son with his first mule deer a few years ago. One shot, through the heart at nearly 300 yards. The grin on his face is all I needed to make me happy.

My 2005 Washington state mulie buck and my favorite hunting rifle.

Son on a cold opening morning - but without snow. Seeking mule deer.

Wyoming bull elk.

A few quail with the big ugly 12 gauge.

Hunting is in my blood. I like shooting a few matches a year, but would much rather be hunting.

Regards, Guy

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