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Nice pictures Guy!

My son is just starting to get the bug, I hope it stings him good!

Here are some of my random hunting photos.

My son.

How to make the wife really mad...

My buddy's skinning my buck after I packed it out a couple of miles. That's what friends do!

A couple of my mounts.

My deer camp last season.

We backpacked in 10 miles the first day. Can you smell the steam? I think a fish kill was reported shortly after we left..

A woman who knows what to do with her hands!

My future hunting friends????

My hunting dog....

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My main thing is vermin/feral shooting- I dont hunt deer- but Feral cats really get me going- I would and have passed up a shot on anything else to have a go at a cat.

I use air rifles a lot on smaller vermin/ferals on small places.

I built my 6BR specifically as a cat rifle- it does a good job on rabbits and foxes and hopefully on feral dogs, goats and pigs when I get the chance.

.22 and .25 cal air rifles- and cats
22 lr for practicing with- and cats
223- because you just have to own one- and cats
6BR- my got to for most things - and especially cats
6.5x55- my go to for anything the 6BR wont handle- and I just love it- and cats
30BR- plinker, vermin, predator and playing at BR and fly shooting-- anything really - and cats
338 federal- anything bigger, camels, donkeys, feral horses - and cats


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I have the great fortune of living in Montana, where there's lots of hunters and lots of great hunting opportunity for just about every critter you can imagine. Hunting is what I do and who I am. Spring bear season is underway right now, and I shot a nice chocolate colored black bear just this past weekend (May 17). Tried to post a picture, but the file size is too large to upload???

Do lots of deer, bear, antelope and coyote hunting, but elk are what really turn me on. Here's a rundown of the rifles I use, mostly Remington Model 700's:

Coyote: .223 and .243
Antelope: .243, .280, and 7mm RSAUM
Deer: 7mm-08, .280, and 7mm RSAUM
Black Bear: 7mm-08, .280, .30-06, and .300 WSM
Elk: 7mm-08, .280, 7mm RSAUM, .30-06, and .300 WSM
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Ogre6br, your last response is by far the funniest thing I have read on the internet in months. Keep up the work on the feral cats. I had a roommate in undergrad who was a wildlife biologist that shared many cat stories with me. My favorite cat gun is an XP-100 chambered in .221 Fireball.

I hunt when I go home in December for whitetail and Canadian residential poopers (with a Carl Gustof M41b), and grey squirrels with a Contender .22lr. The ground squirrels are fun out here in Kalifornia.
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Hunting/vermin control is my main shooting interrest.I use a bsa ultra single shot .22 pcp air rifle for ferrel pigeons , rats in buildings also squirrels and roosting pigeons out doors. .22lr with mod and lamp at night for rabbits, this also double up as my light sporting rifle for target comps. .17HMR for daytime rabbit,crow,magpies and I also have a variation on my lisence to shoot fox with this rifle. .22 250 for daytime fox and small deer and night time fox with lamp. I also use a 410 and 12g shotguns for game birds, pigeons, rabbits and rats.
Good luck and good hunting.
ps I live in the uk so I guess I`m lucky to have the opportunity to hunt these. my family circumstances don`t allow for me to be able to afford to travel for my sport. I envy you Americans . good luck.
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I Hunt coyotes! I am a simi pro coyote hunter but as I have time I do hunt big game for the meat I by a sportsmans pacage hear in Id evry year for the meat but I love to travol to hunt coyotes. I pro staf for a cupole of com. and love the preds. I shoot w-pigs badgers and rock chucks to stay in practis.
I shoot a 50cal Muz loder 300 win mag or a wild cat 20 for big game
6-284 20 acly hornet 2X 204s 20 classic 20-250 working on a 20br 22-250 22 hornet 223s 240 weth are the ones I shoot the most.
I dont know how to post photos sorry
Good Hunting Kevin
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I am a fellow Brit living amongst some of the greatest people on Earth (not many in California though)!

I have family in Horsham, Basingstoke, and North London.

My Dad is American my Mum English. Moved here when I was 2 years old.

I look and talk like a Yank (which I'm proud of) but I'm a Brit too (equally proud of).

Here is my special deal to you:

You get to California and I will take you on some of the best varmint hunting you'll ever know! And as an added bonus I'll take you on some private cattle ranches to let you shoot some coyotes that I'll call in for you!

Serious offer so put a pound or two aside and save up!


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I kill stuff.

muskrats, beaver, deer, foxes, coyotes, crows, skunks, possums, doves, ducks, pigeons. I have been known to kill p. dogs, ground squirrels, and chucks. One of my all time favorites is rats in chicken houses at night.

One shot, one kill.
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