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One of my all time favorites is rats in chicken houses at night.

That sounds like fun!
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My first love is woodchuck hunting but also Whitetail Deer,Doves, Hogs,Bear,Mule Deer,Antelope,Prairie Dogs, Pigeons and Woes to the Cat that's out in the field if the Chuck hunting slows down! I used to hunt in upstate NY when I lived there and had great Chuck hunting but moved to Missouri and no chucks down here. Love long range stuff.
22LR,17 HMR CZ,Ruger 22-Hornet,RRA-AR Style .223,WInchester 70 22-250
And will receive my new rifle tomorrow from Dave Bruno in PA.
Bat action,28"Krieger 1-10 w/Vias Brake,McMillan stock, Jewel triger,12-42 NSX Night force in 6x47Lapua.

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dogs, cats

That's just what the ANTI's need to read. If you don't think they check this site out and every other outdoor related site your nuts.

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My vision is going down hill, but I still love to hunt. From varmints to Moose and everything in-between. I have a Cooper 204 Ruger for the Varmints; a 6mmDASHER for the other small 'stuff'; and the 'Big Boy', my 338/408 SNIPE-TAC for the big stuff and long range critters. Here in Montana there is always a chance for a long range shot.

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I was given my first rifle a Rem 121 22 rifle back in 1949. Growing up in the country I shot prairie dogs, cotten tail and jack rabbits, rattle tail snakes, skunks, badgers, birds and other unwanted animals with the 22 pump rifle. Over the years I have taken varnints, pronghorn, mule deer, white tail deer, elk ,upland birds and water fowl. The past two years I have slowed down a bit but now I controll the prairie dog population with my rimfire 22,22WMR,17 HM2,and 17 HMR rifles and a few center fire varmint rifles. 60 years of hunting has goin by fast but Im still at it.
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I hunt groundhogs, crows, and coyotes. My repertoire of rifles consist of a .17HMR, .218 Bee, two .223's, .22-250 AI, .243 AI, 6mm BR, and a .308. My favorites are groundhogs and I have permission on many farms and horse riding property to keep the buggers down. My usual walk around rifles are a .17HMR Savage 99 or a .223 NEF Handi Rifle. These are used for quick off hand shots. While walking the fields I'm constantly looking for distant hogs, noting their burrow distance with a rangefinder for a return trip with one of the long range rifles. This gives me a chance to work the shot in advance to ensure a safe shot and a clean kill. I'm going out tonight in a freshly planted soybean field that I've never hunted. I'm hoping to have a good evening.
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Prairie dogs get most of my atention, got the bug so bad I moved in with them Calling coyotes has proven to be fun too. Fall usualy find me trying to fill an antelope and/or deer tag or two...Might even give elk a try this fall?
Prairie dogs
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I hunt when I can.......which isnt often.

Deer season falls right in the middle of our busy outage season at work and Im on the road from Sept to Dec every year.

When I travel by truck from job to job I try to bring a varmint rig and ammo in case we were to run accross a dog town, but I dont work in the prarie regions as much as I used to .We mostly fly now .....everywhere.

I try a little yote calling every now and then when Im off....but not as much as Id like.

Ive got an old 788 in 308 and a 1895 in 45/70 for the deer and several varmint rigs in 243,223,6 WSSM , 22lr and 17mag as well as an AR with a 24" Wilson.Weapons and ammo isnt the problem...........its time I lack.
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