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We like people to post pictures of their rifles and reloading tools.

Here are two simple ways to post photos on our Message Boards.

EASY UPLOAD For image on your hard-drive

1. Click on "Manage Attachments" at the BOTTOM LEFT corner of the text window that comes up when you start or reply to a post.

2. This will bring up a window that says "File to Upload". Click "Browse" to Navigate to the file on your computer hard drive. Select the photo you want.

IMPORTANT: Keep the file size under 150kb. Crop the photo so it is 450 pixels (or less) wide. You can crop and re-size easily with FREE Irfanview software ( ).

3. Click "Upload". That's all there is to it. The software automatically creates a thumbnail picture for you. Thumbnails are handy because they load quickly. People can click the thumbnail to see a bigger version. It will appear in your post, like this:



Using a Web-hosted picture

1. Go to . Select "Choose" to select a file from your hard drive.

2. Click "UPLOAD NOW". This puts your picture on the internet and takes you to a page with a lot of different lines of codes.

3. With your mouse, Highlight and Copy the SECOND line to the left of the uploaded picture thumbnail. This is labeled "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards". (To copy, right-click the mouse when the text is highlighted or just click the BLUE "Copy" button). Your image will appear in the size you uploaded. Be sure to grab ALL the text in the "IMG" line, starting with [IMG] and ending with [/IMG]. If you use the COPY Button, it will grab all the text you need.

4. Go back to the Forum board where you were writing your message. Paste the line you copied from Make sure it starts with [IMG] and ends with [/IMG]

5. If you've already hosted a picture on the web, say on your personal web page or photohost, first get the URL. (You can find that by right-clicking the photo and selecting "properties".)

Now go to the Message Board entry window. You'll see a small icon that looks like a picture frame. Click that. It will ask you for the "Image URL". Type in the URL of the picture. Our software will automatically add the [img] tags.

6. Now finish writing your post and click "Post Message."


BANDWIDTH: Because of bandwidth costs, we are limiting uploaded files to 150kb. This is plenty for a web attachment if you crop and save at 75-80% quality first. Even the very largest photos on our feature articles are only about 80kb. Use Irfanview to crop and save your digital pix.

Please keep your images to 600 pixels wide at the most. This will make it easier for others to read the boards. Really big pictures do funny things to the margins. Here is a picture 450 pixels wide. As you can see, it's plenty big:

If you need to resize your photos, you can download FREE software called "Irfanview". This can crop, re-size, and color correct. GET Irfanview here:
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Mr. Moderator,

I still can't post pictures. How do you get the pictures on your hard drive. (I am using a Kodak Easyshare system)

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Easy Share works very well, but you have to install some software on your hard drive, and hook the EasyShare docking unit up, probably with a USB cable.

You only have one recourse there--read the manual or call Kodak for help. As a last resort you can take the camera to a photo finishing place and they can transfer images to disk, and then you load the disk into your computer, but that's really a waste of both time and money.
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Let me try this. I have never posted a picture. Figured it's about time I learn. This is a group shot at 100 yard at Dublin, Georgia at the Georgia State Championships. This is a five shot group through a 16 twist .30BR Broughton Barrel on a Stolle Panda action, Lee Six stock and shot in Heavy Varmint Class.

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: Dublin_2.jpg, Views: 147, Size: 60.41 KB 

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Shrink???? Shrink? Cut me some latitude here. There are those who will say I'm old, I'm over the hill. I can't shoot groups. I shoot score better. The .30BR is meant for score. The .30BR can't shoot groups. Wellllll, I'm not old, just ask me. The .30BR can shoot groups. It's been fun.
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Nice 'shrink'!!
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