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"For Sale" listings with Pictures work much BETTER!

1. Start by picking one of our two Classifieds areas. Next, click "NEW TOPIC" to make a new listing. (You'll find that in the top center of the page.)

2. Type the text of your advert in the message box.

Once you've created your advert, it is easy to add one or more photos to your ad.

Now you're ready to add one or more pictures. There are two ways to do this.

EASY UPLOAD For image on your hard-drive

1. Click on "Manage Attachments" at the BOTTOM LEFT corner of the text window that comes up when you start or reply to a post.

2. This will bring up a window that says "File to Upload". Click "Browse" to Navigate to the file on your computer hard drive. Select the photo you want.

3. Click "Upload". That's all there is to it. The software automatically creates a thumbnail picture for you. Thumbnails are handy because they load quickly. People can click the thumbnail to see a bigger version. It will appear in your post, like this:



Using a Web-hosted picture

1. Go to . Select "Choose" to select a file from your hard drive.

2. Click "Upload Image". This puts your picture on the internet and takes you to a page with three different lines of codes.

3. With your mouse, Highlight and Copy the second line of code. This is labeled "[IMG]". (To copy, right-click the mouse when the text is highlighted). Be sure to grab ALL the text in the "IMG" line. It should begin with [IMG] and end with [/IMG]. You can preview your image by clicking the link for "View Image".

4. Go back to the 6BR Message board where you were writing your message. In the box where your text goes, paste the line you grabbed from . It should begin with [IMG] and end with [/IMG].

5. Now finish writing your post and click "Post Message."


BANDWIDTH: Because of Bandwidth cost, we limit uploaded photos to 150kb. This is plenty big if you crop your picture first and save at 75-80% JPEG quality.

Please keep your images to 450 pixels wide at the most. This will make it easier for others to read the boards. Really big pictures do funny things to the margins. Here is a picture 450 pixels wide, and 21kb in size. It's plenty big and fits just right:

If you need to resize your photos, you can download FREE software called "Irfanview". This can crop, re-size, and color correct. GET Irfanview here:
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FS: Really Exceptional Hunting Rifle
Sako 75 stainless long action (magnum) bolt cnc fluted to cut
weight; magazine feed, super smooth
26" lilja barrel, cnc fluted to cut weight, chambered in 6.5
Remington Magnum
McMillan stock custom made with edge technology
Action is pillar bedded
All the work was done by Chad Turner of Parkersburg, WV
Leupold LPS 3.5-14x50mm scope (I will not split the rifle and
Dies, brass, & and bullets go with
This rifle is in as new condition fired very little; unfortunate situation forces sale.
Price is $2850 obo + shipping to your ffl

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