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The 2009 Nationals in Iowa went very well. The competition was fierce, the notorious Iowa winds (which actually were quite calm most of the time compared to what we often shoot in) caused quite a few DQ's on some relays, and quite a few screamers were fired also. The Thursday evening "Symposiums" and "Ladies Night Out" were well attended and the attendees seemed to really like it that we did this little extra for them! The Friday evening business meeting and "hog roast" went over very well. Everyone was well fed and happy!

I for one really liked the relaxed atmosphere we had by going to three days and it seemed like everyone else, staff included, liked this also. We were done shooting around 3pm Thursday and Friday, and before noon on Saturday, and the awards were done and people were on their way home for the holidays with their families by 3:30 pm Saturday. I know for the first time ever, I actually had time at the end of each day to sit and talk with some of the other competitors, which I thoroughly enjoyed! Judging from all the groups sitting around relaxing all over the grounds talking and laughing, about everyone else enjoyed this also.

Our staff had some fun Saturday morning with our stuffed baboon by sitting him in the bean field right in front of the firing line and watching people's expression when they saw it looking at them.

Our staff did it's usual exemplary job, which really helped things go super smooth: besides Lee Fischer and myself, we had Randy Bonnett and Dave Clark scoring targets, Dean Walther and Chris McLees running the line, Matt Bonnett, Colton Pinegar, Jordan Pinegar, and Dustin Gritters ran targets, and my wife and many family and friends kept us well fed. Jeff Walker also stepped up to do the computer work in the scoring room, which was a tremendous help - thank you Jeff!!! We had some problems with our computer program going to a 4 target agg, so Jeff stepped in to help Lee get it figured out and between his program and his and our computers, they got it done and done well. Jeff had the relay results and the standings at the end of each day posted quickly for the competitors to see, which everyone appreciated. Lee and Jeff will get the results to the IBS website as soon as they can get home and get the equipment info entered and double-checked (weren't able to do this at the match due to the computer glitch so this could take them a little bit).

I know folks are waiting for the results to get posted, which I can understand, but I'm afraid my wife had to come first here! It's our 35'th wedding anniversary today and after all the time spent over the past several weeks getting ready for Nationals and then running them, I spent the day with her and our family today. But I'm back home now and I'll list some of the winners below so you'll know who to congratulate.

Top 20 in the Two-Gun Grand Overall: 1. Edward Nazy, 2. Lee Fischer, 3. Jeff Walker, 4. Rick Curtis, 5. Tod Soeby, 6. Steve Sabo, 7. Glen Sterling, 8. John Ammerman, 9. Marion Packett, 10. John Stecik, 11. T D O'Connell, 12. John Potratz, 13. Danny Brooks, 14. Henry Brewer Jr, 15. Ken Wilson, 16.Steve Hoskin, 17. Bob Rosen, 18. Nathaniel Miller, 19. Alvin Johnson, 20. George Kelbly

Top 20 Light Gun Overall: 1. John Ammerman, 2. Rick Curtis, 3. Edward Nazy, 4. Lee Fischer, 5. Tod Soeby, 6. George Kelbly, 7. Nathaniel Miller, 8. Egan O'Brien, 9. Truman Beasley, 10. Randy Beasley, 11. Steve Hoskin, 12. Shannon Ammerman, 13. Ken Wilson, 14. Bob Rosen, 15. Dave Clark, 16. Jeff Walker, 17. Alvin Johnson, 18. Henry Brewer Jr, 19. Jim Bauer, 20. Glen Sterling

Top 20 Heavy Gun Overall: 1. Edward Nazy, 2. Danny Brooks, 3. Jay Cutright, 4. Lee Fischer, 5. T D O'Connell, 6. Jeff Walker, 7. Marion Packett, 8. John Stecik, 9. Steve Sabo, 10. Ray Lowman, 11. George Tompkins, 12. Glen Sterling, 13. John Potratz, 14. Joe Thielen, 15. Daniel Stonebreaker, 16. Jason Pearson, 17. Clay Earhart, 18. Al Forbes, 19. James Lorenz, 20. Stephen Reimers

Top Junior Shooter: Truman Beasley
Top Female Shooter: Christina Thielen

All in all I think things went very good. I hope everyone had a great time in Iowa and made it home safely!

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Thanks Gordy, great report.

and CONGRATULATIONS to you and the Missus!!! Great job there too!!

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Went to the Nationals at Pella to try to figure out what I want to build for long range competition and to see if this was anything that we wanted to be involved in. Everyone was helpful and courteous. Gave us any information we asked about. They would explain the whats and whys in great detail at the drop of a hat. One such was Ed Nazy. We just happened to set our EZ up next to him. He was friendly and informative and laid back and I was shocked to find out at the end of the second day, he was in the lead for the 2gun and heavy. I'da been pretty tense by then.
Gordie was everywhere and still cool. No surprise if you've ever talked to him. The surprise was the extent and efficiency of the crew.
At the end of the day we were well fed, well informed, and greatly entertained.
All in all, an extraordinary bunch of people running a match for an extraordinary bunch of people.
I'm in!
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