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hi there lays has anyone work with the ipod useing the ballistic calculation for bullet drop if yes how do i get start it and what do i need what is it like to work with i shoot with a 6mmbr blaser rifle can anyone help please
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I believe the program you are looking for is KAC-Bullet Flight by Knights Armorment. It can be found on the Apple site. Three versions are available, a lower end for $3.99 US, a mid level for $11.99, and a upper end for $29.99 US.

Here's a link to the main Webpage
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Also check out Ballistic. I have it but only played around with it since I only recently bought a chrono and haven't had the time to go shoot. From what I've read on other fora, it is considered better than the KAC program, though I haven't compared them.
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thanks gays for your help but i no notting about the ipod touch
would i get 8gb 32gb our 64gb 3rd generation for whay i go to do with it .Do i down load ballistic from the net thank you
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The 8 GB I-Pod touch will run any and all of the ballistics programs and still have enough memory for a few hundred songs.
Once you purchase your Touch you will also need I-Tunes on your computer, you connect the two together via the provided cable and download the ballistic(s) program(s) as an application .
Do not be discouraged, the I-tunes software guides you through the whole process…Hope this helps

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hi dave thank you for your help is the calculaton as good as they say our not
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Originally Posted by shaunharkin
hi dave thank you for your help is the calculaton as good as they say our not

From what I've read their calculations are spot-on. The upcoming version of Ballistic will also add the ballistics calculation model from JBM Ballistics, in addition to its own internal model, which I think is also available open-sourced peer reviewed code, so people can verify its correctness. The quality of the code is not changed by merely running on a smaller platform. The math is fairly straightforward (for math people), it's just a matter of taking into account all the variables, and coding it correctly.

Put another way, the quality of the output is largely determined by the quality of the inputs, and you don't need to worry that much about the sausage-making process in-between. If you, say, mis-read the wind speed, the calculated result may be different from observed result, but you can't blame the software for that.

The biggest variable in any ballistics software, IMO, is the BC, which is disclosed by the bullet makers and which may be estimates, computer calculations, or averages, or may just vary from bullet to bullet. Variances in this number will give the greatest deviation of observed results, much more so than how "good" the software may be. No software, or shooter, can do much about that unless you have a doppler radar and can do some empirical testing.
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nhm16 said it better then I ever could.
The short answer is yes.
If you input the correct data the Ipod / Iphone ballistics apps will do everything the big name,high priced computer programs will do and then some.
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