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Originally Posted by Austin
Just for kicks,a few years ago i shot a rockchuck at 265yds with my dads old Sears and Roebuck mod.41 single shot with an old 4x15mm Bushnell Sportview scope.He was at the bottom of that little scope.It is still my best shot on a varmint with a short or long shot.

That was an amazing shot. Someone in the sniper forums conducted a study to see if the 22lr could actually penetrate several layers of clothing and still inflict some damage. This guy wrapped 3 layers of clothing around a turkey and shot at it from 200 yds. The bullet was able to penetrate through the layers of clothing and I believe the turkey also...not sure on the turkey though.
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i have the basic standard barrelled, synthetic stocked Rem 597 and using eley tenex with a 3-9x40 bushnell banner. shooting off the bipod, i could easily hit full pop cans at 200-225yds and make them explode , this was fun and and the setup accurate enough to hit a crow-sized target i thought. i shot two crows; one 205yds and one at 190yds, both were broadside body shots and both flew away apparently unaffected despite loss of feathers and being knocked out of their trees :s its fun for reading the wind and cranking lots of elevation in, but for rimfire varminting, i take the 17hmr anymore
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A couple years ago i was hunting coyotes with a buddy's kid. He had brought some model of Marlin 22 with him. He had a 3-9x Simmons on top, and a Harris bipod. it was quite a nice setup for a kid's rig really. As we were walking back to the truck i took a look thru the scope and it appeared that @ 9x the subtension between x-hair and plex post tip in this reticle was about 6 minutes. I told the kid who was somewhat versed in longer-range shooting that if he cranked the scope down to 3x it'd be about 18 MOA (3x6) and oughtta get him close to 300 yds. or so. We had to walk thru a priaire dog town so we stopped on a mound and i lasered a couple PD's at 290-something (been awhile so can't remember exactly). Anyways this kid gets setup off the mound prone, and shoots. I'm watching with binocs. and he hits just short of the dog. he adjusts slightly and nails this PD and it rolls off the back of the mound. Momentarily it runs back up on top of the mound rim and hesitates just long enuf for the kid to get off a second shot and he nails him again--falling off the back of the mound now dead. His buddy comes running out to check him out and a shot or 2 later he nails this dog too, and it rolls off the back of the mound. I can still remember walking up to that mound and thinking no way there are 2 dead adult dogs off the back of this mound, but we have the pics to prove it (can't load them tho, since i'm so computer illiterate.

This kid now works for PS and no matter how many thousand yd. shots he makes with the custom rigs he may build, i bet he'll never forget "The Day of the 300-yd. .22 Long Rifle PD's."
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200yds with a 22rim-fire = A B S O L U T L Y !!!!!!
We shot a 200 yd match here in CT a few years ago, in honor
of a W W II vet, I think his last name was BARRY.
The most fun you will likely ever have with a 22lr rimfire.
WIND, will either make-you, or break-you!!
Oh, and yes, I did use my Anschutz1913/Leupold EFR-6.5 X20
with some Eley ammunition purchased from Bob Collins.
Although I did not score very well at 200yds-
it was a LOT OF FUN!!! 372 - 9x's
Shoot Safe & think "X's"
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we shot our first 200 yard Rimfire match of the winter this Saterday. With the thanksgiving weekend in full swing we only had a few shooters. two of us used iron sights and one a Unertle scope.

The guy with the Unertle got a H&R M12 from the CMP and a couple cases of the old Federal CMP ammo and it shoots great at 200 yards. Im very suprised at how well it shoots for the amount of money he has into the gun. and it shoots cheap ammo really well. Mean while im using TenX and an Anshutz. Big price differance all the way around.
Pistoleer sells the official 200 yard smallbore target or the repair centers. A 21 is the target number. the X ring is 2" the ten ring is 4" and it takes about 18 to 20 MOA from 100 yard zero.

Lots of fun!!!

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A very good friend of mine had the misfortune to injure a lady with the .22rf. He had a richochet at 90 deg' to point of impact on a rock and hit her some 400yards away. The bullet travelled from her knee to her hip beneath the skin. Now I really do believe the warnings printed on the packet about the bullet travelling 1.5k.
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I had read this post the other day, and it got me to thinking. Why not try it for myself? I accuired a beat up 1942 Winchester Model 75T a while back, what a neat gun! Nothing like todays stuff but it is an accurate little booger!

Anyway, Old Lyman iron sights and all, 200yds is a blast, what a challenge to shoot on a windy day. I think I am hooked! I've got a Rock River Natl. Match rifle I shoot all the time, and I must say, shooting the .22lr at that range is such a challenge that the RR might be spending some more time in the safe lol. Its gotta make me better when she comes back out though.

Time to start looking for a target rifle. Is the CZ target gun easily adaptable for good irons, or should I just pick up an Anschutz?

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I have seen someone kill a prairie dog at 250 yards with 17HMR. It takes a few feet of windage and elevation.

I talked to an old guy that claims to have hit a ground squirrel at 400 yards with 22LR. He says it was on the side of a mound. He gave 14 feet of windage and elevation. There were other squirrels between the one he was trying to hit and where he was aiming on the mound. It took and hour of shooting to finally hit it.

A decade ago there was a story that a bull African elephant was taken with a 22LR.

Those are low percentage shots.

I can hit things with 22LR out to 75 yards.
If dust flys up and it is a semi auto, I can zero in with several shots on squirrels out to 100 yards, even in the wind.
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