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Jerry Check Post #13

The HR M12 (5200) from the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) Is a good way to go. Also they have some Kimbers. Or look for a older used Anshutz.
Yea it is very Addicting!!!

Pistolleer has A 21 (200yd) Small bore targets on hand. The Center will do as they have all the aiming black. They are very cheap and you dont have to get 100 from them if you just want a few.

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Hey Rtheurer,

Thanks for the info, I will look it up as soon as I finish posting this. But I am not sure about the avaliability to me for the CMP rifle. Do I have to be a member to buy it, or can anybody do it. I have never shot a CMP match so I don't have a membership. I have never shot competitively, I just aspire to: I'm 19 and figuring out how to get into competitive shooting.

This is just too fun, I enjoy loading for my other rifles, but sometimes its fun to just shoot and not worry about searching for the brass lol.

Thanks again for the info! I'll post up soon again with more questions probably.

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The last time out my CZ 452A and SS10X put 10 shots into 4 1/2" @ 200 yards with Federal 711B Gold Medal ammo.
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Your question made me get to thinking about when I shot in the Schuetzen matches. I dug out my target certification.
In 1992, AT Schuetzen match @ 200 yd, at the Fairfax rod gun club.
I shot a 5 shot group that measured 1.32 in.
On that same day on their regulation Schuetzen score target .
I shot a 10 shot score target, that scored 244 with 4 centers out of a possible 250.
With an old 44 Stevens. With Ely ammunition.
So yes , Rimfires will shoot a 200 yd.
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Our local club has a 200 yard paper and gong match scheduled for June 28, 2009... As it stands now we will be using the A21 Target along with five 1/4" gongs of the following sizes; 8x10, 10x12, 14x14, 17x17, and a 16" diameter gong.

This is strictly a .22LR event.

We plan on classing the rifles/sight set up;

S = Scope (any power - laser sights fall under this class)
P = Peep
O = Open (open rear notch - front sight may have a hood/globe)

The A21 paper target will be shot from the bench with the shooter's choice of using sandbags or back pack to rest their barrel on, or they may use a bipod. The butt of the rifle must be held in your shoulder with no butt support of any kind. We will allow a single sling set up.

The gongs must be shot from the prone position, same rules of supporting the rifle apply as the above "off the bench" rules.

This is just a quick discription of our scheduled match. We're still working out the details of the number of shots to be taken, though I'd expect it will be upwards of 40 to 50 for record score, perhaps more if we throw in some 100, and 150 yard targets.

This being something of a pilot run for our local membership there may yet be changes in the program.

It should be interesting.
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This is the result of my first attempt to shoot 200 yds. with my H&R M12, 8.5-32X44 Taco using Fed GM 711B.

It was shot 4-12 in preparation for a 'Fun Match' 4-19. Very little wind to deal with and I was surprised and pleased.

Sunday 'Fun Match' had a few surprises, loose the rear bag & toss in some wind. I managed to stay under 3 MOA @ 100 and did as well as the best CF(22-250). At 200 yds. groups opened to 4.5 and 5 MOA, dust from behind the target would blow east with one shot and west with the next. Needless to say the CF's ruled the day. It was fun and I hope to do it again next month. Maybe use the 513T just for S&G.


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That's good shooting DrGreysu.

I got this 3.25" five shot group last Wednesday with my Savage Mark II FVT topped
with a 6-24x42 Tasco Target/Varmint scope, and using 40 grain Eley Sport ammo.

I was going to go out and finish zeroing in out to 200 yards today but its been a windy/rainy day.
There's always tomorrow.

Personally I think there is a lot of potential for 200 yard .22LR shooting matches. Just getting
out to 175 yards was fun for me.
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