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there is a Ruger M77 6ppc for sale near me and I am looking for someone to talk me into buying it. Its $650 for gun as is with scope mounts. I know nothing except for what i have been reading here. I reload for 308,243, 243 AI, 7.62x39, 17 fireball and some large bores. I just want to make sure i am not biting off too much here by buying a gun that is over my head on reloading. I fireform brass already I have the bullets and the owner has some brass and dies. I don't competition I just want a predator, small deer, fun gun to shoot. So talk me into or out of this.
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Do you know the chamber dimensions? That would make quite of bit of difference on the difficulties in reloading for it. But you will love this little cartridge as they are just amazing to shoot. You get really good velocity with low report and exceptional accuracy! All this with about 27 grains of powder!

I absolutely love shooting the 6ppc. When you put the crosshairs on target you have so much confidence that the bullet is going where you are aiming that you have lots more hits than missess. You can shoot it all day long and not be beat up from recoil and muzzle blast. I take friends to the gun range and after they have shot their big bores a few times they always end up shooting my ppc's or br's and always say they are going to have to get one. They're just so much fun to shoot!
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Ruger is the wrong rifle for a 6 PPC.

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There is no such thing as a wrong rifle for the 6PPC.

For some reason a lot shooters think the PPC is some exotic cartridge that is hard to load for and is good for only one thing - short range Benchrest. In fact, it is one of the easiest to load for. Fill a case with a powder like VV 133 or H 322, seat any bullet from 50 to 70 grains, and it will shoot better than you can. Hundreds of guys (including me) use it for long range varmint shooting. I shoot a PPC in 600 yard Benchrest. With the proper twist you can shoot bullets all the way up to 95 - 105 grains.

The only thing wrong with a PPC is that it will spoil you for any other cartridge.


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Ray: Could not agree more. At an estate sale last Summer I picked up a new, unfired, Ruger mdl 77 Mk 11, Varmint, factory chambered in 22ppc. 'Scoped the bore with my "Hawkeye", could not find a single reamer/tool mark anywhere, made them an offer ($400), they took it & also contrary to my pre-conceived beliefs, it is a very nice, well made rifle. Chamber neck dia. is .251", tighter than the industry standard of .256"/.257", so outside neck turning is not req'd., and the throat is very short, not the typical "deep throat". On a good day, when I do my part, 5 shot groups at 200 yd will hold 1/2 moa. Favorite load to date is 25.5 grs. of H322 with any high quality 50 to 53 gr. bullet, seated with .020" of jump. A very nice rifle, not BR competitive, but easily qualifies as an accurate varmint rifle.
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