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this question is directed towards fast twist barrels and 105 to 115 class bullets. (6x6.5x47 lapua)
does this round have distinct atvantages out to a 1000 yrds over the dasher or brx or even the 6br and if so, what are these atvantaqes?


same question but directed at the 243, 243 ackly, 6 rem and 6 ackly..
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To answer your first question you need to give a range you intend to shoot. Out to 600 yards the BR and Dasher rule. When stretching it out to 1000 yards IMO yes, the 6-6.5x47L is the real deal.
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why will it not compete with the others at 600'? does it fall behind in accuracy?
i plan on using it for an all around rifle, ukd,f-class,egg shoot, etc...
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The 6x47L has a few hundred feet per second velocity advantage over the Dasher and BR but to get that velocity I do feel it gives up a little accuracy at closer range. On a calm day at a 1000 yards I hope there isn't any Dashers or BR's in my relay.
On windy days I hope Everyone has one.
For an all around rifle IMO you cant go wrong with the 6x47L. It will do just fine at any range from 100 to 1000 yards. But if 300-600 yard bench rest was my game Id have a Dasher.

With all of that being said, it depends more on the specific rifle more than the differences between them. All 3 are very capable of winning at any range. Ive seen some really nice groups shot with everyone of them.

Just my opinion.

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i appriciate your help and wish you the best. i'm starting with 105 bergers, h 4350, nato 5.56 primers and of course lapua brass. is there anything you would change in this?
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The only difference between your load and mine is I use CCI 450 magnum primmers. I got my hands on a few BR4's and shot them in a couple of matches. I like them both equally well.
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do you find the h 4350 to be fairly temperature insensitive and what about es and sd numbers? i've heard they are very good. i plan to start with 37grns touching and work up from there.
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With H4350 I've never had to lower my load but then again I dont run it so hot that its a problem on the hottest days.
3120-3150 fps

I cant say the same for RL17 though. I do run that right up there and would drop it a few tenths on the warm days.
3250 fps.

As far as ES and SD I stoped giving them much attention. I never had real bad numbers to begin with and I go with what is most accurate on paper rather than what I get from the chrono.
10-15 ES isnt a problem with much of anything Ive tried.

I have a CED M2 and it works well enough but trying to get single digit ES's will drive you crazy as well as burn out your barrel.

37G of H4350 is a good starting point.

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