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It will be interesting to see if John708 shooting his new 6mmBRX in the Any/Any class today at Butner, NC, beat the F-Class Tactical shooters in the 600 yard F-Class match. They shot the new smaller F-Class targets. John said his gun shot well as expected. He will shoot the three 1000 yard matches with it tommorrow. This will be the real test. John said there was only one other sling shooter at the match and he was shooting a 308.
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My 6BRX long range project is moving along nicely. I'd like to personally thank Bob Crone, for dreaming up this cartridge and Scott Parker for his early load developement work. Scott, your fireforming load of 30.5 grs. of varget and 107mk, jammed hard in the lands, works well. I lost 5 cases out of 110. I jammed the bullets 60/1000 into the lands. How far do they have to go in?

My original goal of this project was to find a replacement for my 260 rem. I've been having trouble obtaining 139 Lapua's lately and thought Serria's and Bergers would be easier to obtain. My 260's never shot Serria 142mk or Berger 140's very well. I wanted to beat my 260rem records.Avg. 10 shot group at 100 yds .58in. Avg ES 10 shots, 11-17 fps.10mph Xwind at 1000yds with 139 Lapua's, assuming a BC of .595 vs .615, 72in. Currently the 6BRX is shooting 105 Bergers with 32.5 gr. of Varget in .38 10 shot groups at 100yd. Xwind should be about the same or better at 1000
yrs. So far so good. More load developement and match results to come. John Skowron
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I am very interested in your outcome and am waiting to see your results,don't let out any details. Good Luck. Looks like a shooter so far.
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Here is a picture of John708 hard at work.

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My 6BRX Long range update

Load developement and testing so far. Primers, in this rifle the Federal 205M primers delivered 1/10in. less group size than the CCI 450's. However the 450's were better for fire forming loads, fewer pierced primers, secondary to harder cups, I guess.

Powder: So far I ve tested IMR 4064, Varget and Re-15. In my rifle, all 3 powders produced case ejector marks at 33 grs. At 32.5 grs both 4064 and Varget yielded vel. in the 3080 fps. range. 32.5 grs. of Varget produced 3000 fps. My most accurate loads have been 32 grs. of Re-15, and 32.5 grs. of Varget. Both produced groups of .38 to .46 in. 10 shots at 100 yds. I haven't chronographed my Re-15 load, but I think it's going to run 3030-3050fps. I didn't test groups with 4064. Same vel. as Re-15 with better metering.
Bullets: Identical groups were obtained with 105 Bergers and 107 Serria mk's. I'm going with 105's due to their higher BC. I'll post match results next thread. Good shooting.

John Skowron
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Congratulation to John708:

Folks John708 took his Savage Model 10 rebarreled in 6BRX an shot it in the Palma Team Fundraiser, 600 yard F-Class match at Butner, NC, this past weekend. Old John708 is not a F-Class shooter he is a former XC and now any/any shooter (sling shooter). John was competeing against some pretty good F-Class open shooters. John did not win but he shot clean for both days and ended up with 89 out of 120 possible Xs. The man (Charles Balard (great guy to) who beat him was shooting a custom action on a custom stock, with a custom heavy barrel (Broughton),in a .300WSM (done by Precision Rifle Sales of Mebane, NC(very nice rifle)) with heavy high BC match bullet. John708 said the winner was a really good shooter and he was proud to shoot with him. The winner shot both days clean and won by shooting 98 Xs. I will say there were some eyes opened to what the little 6mmBRX could do.
It was a very good showing for a Savage Model 10 and a Broughton 6mm, 5C 1:8 twist Barrel. Thanks to Tim North at Broughton for making his great barrel. I will say John708 has been extreemly pleased. The barrel was installed the last week in July and he now as over 800 rounds through it and it is shooting great. John708 has already laid claims to the second 6mm barrel I had ordered for myself. He plans to rebarrel his other target rifle with it. I guess that means I had better order another one for myself.

It will be interesting to see how John708 does at 1000 yards at the NC State Championship next month. He has already shot this rifle at a 1000 yards in an August F-Class match where he shot with a sling. His best scores were 148s out of 150 on the new smaller F-Class targets.

John708 did not win the match but he gave it a great effort. Since the match was over I was informed Charles Ballard works for Precision Rifle Sales and did not want the chanmbering I offered and has given it to John708. What a sportsman and gentleman. Again two days shooting clean and 89 Xs is nothing to sneeze at.

I was told Charles and John were both on the line and shooting simultaniously and a crowd started watching them shoot. One then the other. I was told it was a battle of the two Broughton barrels.

Rustystud a/k/a Nathaniel G. Lambeth, Sr.
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On the last thread Nat mentioned the results of last weekend'sPalma
fund raiser match at Butner. I was using 105 gr. Bergers behind 32.5 gr. of Varget. 32 gr. of Re-15 gave me great vel. 3080 fps. but poor ES, 65 fps. So I dropped the load. This weekend I going to try 31 and 31.5 grs. of Re-15 and see what happens. I think the 105's and 107's probably shoot best in the 3000fps-3050 fps range. I'm going to continue to experiment with different powders and find out. I'm also going to order a 1-7.5 twist barrel, and see if I can get the 115's to shoot. I'll continue to publish testing results as they become available.

John Skowron
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Excellent reports on the project. Thanks! You're shooting, and I'm learning... Got a few more .308 barrels to use up before I change out though... Regards, Guy
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