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John did not tell you these last 10 shot groups were shot with the Lot# 559 105 Bergers. He did not tell you if he had been shooting 5 shot groups they would be in the low 2s.

This says a lot for the 6mmBRX but it says a lot for Broughton Barrels, and Savage Actions.

John also did not tell you he was the overall 1000 yard winner at Butner back in February 07. There are a number of very experienced shooters begining to take notice of John's project.

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match correction

To set the record straight, I wasn't the overall winner at the North State shooting club championship in March. I shoot any-any exclusively at long range. I was the overall winner during sunday's 1000 yd scope match. I had the high overall score for the two day match, but since saturday's match was aperature only, I didn't qualify for the overall championship. Kent Reeve won the overall championship.

John Skowron
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6mm BRX barrel wear update

I now have 2900rds through my 6mm BRX. I was doing some load testing with the new 6mm Berger bullets. I compared them with my existing comp. load in my 6mm brx.

The 105 gr. Berger's, jammed 15-1000's into the lands, with 31.5 grains of Varget and Fed. 205's are still shooting .45 10 shot groups at 100 yds. Vel 3060 fps. I don't know how long this Broughton barrel will last, but I'm amazed that it's lasted this long.

As far as the new Bergers go, The 105's grouped as well as the old 105's. The 107's and 108's didn't do as well in my particular gun. I will continue to post updates on barrel life with this project gun. Good shooting.

John Skowron
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Thank you for keeping us up to date! It is truly appreciated!
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John Skowron will be bringing some interesting news about his #1 6mmBRX. He just surpassed the 3000 round barrier and the throat and accuracy evaporated in twenty rounds. He spent a good portion of the day in my shop debugging the new 6mmBRX gun #2. After correcting some chamber and stock bedding issues John shot one group with 108 Sierras that was .19". This gun also is a Model 10 Savage and Broughton 1:8 5C barrel, in a Kevin Rayhill (Stockade Stocks) Elk model thumb hole Stock. John will be loading tonight and returning to the range in the morning. It will be interesting to see how the second gun in the new stock compares to the first.

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My 6BRX project gun testing is complete.

I had virtually no throat erosion until I reached 2900 rds. The throat became noticeably rougher on cleaning and opened up 2/100's of an inch. 10 shot groups with match ammo were .53 in. At 2950 rds. the groups ran .58 in. At 3044 rds. the groups opened up to .7 in. not enough accuracy for LR work. Useable accuracy with this gun was 2900 rds.

I started my 2nd 6mm BRX LR gun project. The initial results look promising. I will report on any new problems, load development, etc. as data becomes available. Until then, good shooting.

John Skowron
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Johns 2nd BRX project is Southpaw Savage Model 10 still using the barrel nut. His second barrel is a 31", 3.5" 1.200, to .900, Broughton 1:8, 5C, barrel. The stock is a Stockade Thumbhole Elk model. It has a three way adjustable but plate, an adjustable cheek piece and a hand stop track in the fore stock. The stock was pillar bedded by Kevin Rayhill at Stockade. I opened up the lug well and reglassed it with a mixture of fiberglass resin and polyester filler. The lug and tendon area were completely filled then the action was pulled down onto the pillars. John was having some fliers in preliminary test hopefully this will end the flyers. The 11 degree crown was cut with a piloted 79 degree PTG counterbore made by Dave Kiff. The crown is recessed about .100 for protection.

After John and I work together to get the bugs ironed out he should get another 2900-3000 round barrel life from this barrel. I was so impressed with his first 6mmBRX that I am building one for myself on a trued Remington 700 SA.

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Load data for IMR 4007SSC in the 6BRX

Recently I ran some IMR 4007 through my 2nd 6mmBRX, in an attempt to achieve more velocity through this particular gun. Broughton 31 in. barrel. I used 105 Bergers, jambed 15 thousands in the lands, behind CCI-Br4 primers. Load data as follows:

IMR 4007: 33 grs- 2892fps
33.5 grs-2968fps
34 grs.- 2965fps
34.5 grs.- 3043fps Note: Max for this particular gun with slight ejector marks showing.

Comments: I tested 34.5 grs. in my gun at 100 yds. Disappointing group, 1 in. for 5 shots. Varget groups way better in my rifle with essentially the same velocity and lower pressures. I think 4007 might be a tad slow for 6mmbr and BRX cartridges. I'm going to continue with Varget and Re-15 in my BRX for the time being. Good shooting.

John Skowron
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