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I just finished chambering and rebarreling Jonh708's model 10 Savage to 6mm BRX. He has a finished 31 and 3/4 inch Broughton 1.200 to .750 barrel. Tim North did an excellent job with the 6mm 5C barrel. Dave Kiff at PT&G made him a first rate reamer and go and no-go gauges. I cut the top end out of a Redding sizing die for John to have a body die. John has bought top quality brass, bullets, primers, and powders. His tendon, threads, and chamber were cut throught the headstock, dialed in on both ends with a thenths indicator showing no indicator movement on either end. The chamber was cut using a highspeed flush system, with Rustlick 255R at 5:1, 50-70psi,at 105-175 RPMs, flushing every .030. The last .0030 that was cut .0010 flushed (x3), three times backed out .100 and flushed at 75 psi. This chamber was cut using the new Lambeth/Kiff Micrometer Adjustable Reamer stop. Two measurments were made. The first had the reamer set to bottom out .030 short. Then the Micrometer Adjustable Reamer Stop was adjusted and the final .030 was cut. The headspacing was set .0015 clearance. The bolt closed freely on the go gauge with just a litle bit of resistance. The bolt closed about 10 degrees on the no go gauge. Should know how it shoots this week. John will be at the range on Wednesday.

John has been very successful with a .260 Remington both cross the course and long range. He setback (1) and rebarreled (1), both his .260's last year were Hart barrels. The setback was done at 2600 rounds and got another 900 rounds from the barrel. The newer barrel now has approximately 2800 rounds down the tube. He shot a .439 10 shot group at 100 about 2 weeks ago. He is begining to get some vertical flyers at 900 and 1000 yards an figures he has just about seen the end of this .260 barrel.

It is John's hope is to get the same or better barrel life, with better accuracy, less recoil, and less expense with the 6 BRX. As his gunsmith, I watch with interest. Two of his mentors who are top shooters, both feel he is making a mistake leaving the .260 which has served him well. John is no beginner at this game, he has shot the .243, .260, 6.5 X .284, .270 and a 7mm08 extensively. John has studied up and talked with several of the 6mm gurus. John could have choosen any one of the other 6mm cartridges, IE: 6 X .250, 6 X .47, 6XC, 6 Dasher but decided on the 6mm BRX. John's goal is to find a accurate load with a high BC that will shoot between 2900-3100 fps. What he may give up in wind bucking ability he will regain in accuracy, reduction of recoil, and reduction of cost. The next few weeks and months will be very interesting to follow John's success or failure. John works in the medical field and keeps great documentation. I look forward to reading his upcoming articles.

Rustystud, a/k/a Nathaniel G. Lambeth, Sr.
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I would love to have Tim North's phone Number if he is the one doing the chamberering with the flush system!

Thanks in advance

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I did the chambering. As far as I know Tim North does not do any Chambering. I believe he had a guy who was coming in to work in his shop but he had some kind of conflict come up.

Feel free to call (919)556-0554 (in evenings) or e-mail me at

Rustystud a/k/a Nathaniel G.Lambeth, Sr., Custom Guns and Ammunition, 15 Sunflower Drive, Youngsville, NC 27596

I believe John708 will give me a refrence.
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John708 came over this evening and fired 30+ 6mmbr cases in his new 6mmbrx. He was just fireforming, 30 grains Varget, CCI 450 primers, Berger 107s. They were seated .080 to .100 into the rifling. Really jammed. After getting on the paper at 25 yards we moved to 100 yards. The brass was fireforming beautifully. He shot 3 ten shot groups under .4 at 100. His groups should tighten up with fireformed cases and 33-34 grains of powder with the bullets seated less forcefully into the rifling. If he had been shooting 5 shot groups he would have had several in the teens. I would saw he is very pleased with his results as of tonight.
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Folks Thought I would add a couple photos:
The first is my Flush system pump/filter, and tank. the second is a 10 shot group shot by John708 fire forming brass from 6BR to 6mmBRX.


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Here are a couple more photos. Both these targets are 10 shot groups at 100 yards. These are 6mmBR cases being fire formed
to 6mmBRX.

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That's some serious accuracy for a Savage. Impressive!

Here's a close-up of the above attachment:

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John may come out and shoot this afternoon. Now that he has some fire formed brass. He is going to experiment with several different powders, bullets and seating depths. We are going to keep good records and he will be able to report his findings and feelings about the 6mmBRX vs the .260 Remington, 6.5 X .284, and the 7mm/08. John is convienced that what he may loose in BC and wind drift he will regain in accuracy and ecconomy. I rebarreled one rifle and set back two rifles all with Hart barrels last year. He bought two Douglass pre chambered and threaded barrels from Fred at SSS. All now are tomato stakes. John's 260 Remingtons were setback at 2500-2600 rounds and he was able to get another 900-1000 rounds out of them. His last 260 barrel was not set back and has completely gone south at 2720 rounds. It had a surge before it went south. At 2600 rounds he shot a .437 10 shot group at 100.

Rustystud a/k/a Nat Lambeth Custom Guns and Ammunition
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