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I bought a new Lilja and had it chambered in 300win mag. It is 3 groove 1 in 10 twist finished to 27 1/2". After installing on my Savage 110 action I bought a hawkeye bore scope. Looking at this new barrel I was very disappointed. The barrel looked more like a Remington take off barrel than a hand honed custom match grade barrel. I have alot of other Match grade barrel from other barrel makers Hart,broughton Shillen. They all looked bright and shinny inside. Not dull gray. I had looked at a Lilja that a friend of mine owned it was the best barrel I had ever seen. That is what got me to buy a Lilja barrel in the first place. The barrel I got was nothing like that barrel. I sent the barrel back to Lilja for them to look at and was told that all their barrels look like that. Which I know in not true from looking at the barrel of my friend. I am I right on how a good match grade barrel should look when it is brand new? Or do some people just get better barrels then others? My first and last Lilja Barrel.
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How does it shoot?
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I have 2 Liljas 1 .308 1 6mm just ordered a 3rd Nothing but good with the ones I have, good shooters, easy to clean I also have a Hart, Pac-Nor & Krieger again happy with all. if it doesn't shoot well you might talk to Dan he has always been good to me Good Shooting
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The barrel should be bright and shiney.
Talk to dan about it . He laps the heck out of them.
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Dan is the one that told me that they all looked that. All his adds look like thier bright and shinny. That is why I sent it back to Lilja for his inspection. I havn't shot it. It might shoot fine. It just looks awful. Not what I expected from one of the top barrel makers. Or maybe you guys with the goods ones were just lucky. It may sound like sour grapes but Lilja sure doesn't impress me at all. Like I said this is my first Lilja and it will be my last. As far as hand honing goes they should fire the guy that did mine.

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Sounds to me like you've got your mind made up about this being a bad barrel, regardless of what the maker told you. If it does not shoot well and you feel like it is a bad barrel return it to Lilja. I'm sure if the problem is not resolved you'll let us know.
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The barrel may shoot just fine. That is not the problem. I could get a barrel from E.R.Shaw that shoots lights out too. I paid top price for a hand lapped match grade barrel. All of Lilja adds even on this site show a barrel fine polished to a mirror finish. That is what I paid for and I did not get anything even close to that. Dan had a chance to correct the problem when I returned it to him for his Inspection. He instead said they all looked like that whitch is not true. He should look at his own adds. I feel I didn't get what I paid for and wanted to share that with other shooters.
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Thought I don't use Lilja barrels exclusively, the ones I have used all shot and machined very good. I have personally talked and met with Dan on a few occassions He has never given me any reason to beleive that he and his barrels are any less than first rate. I personally know two of the top national shooters who shoot his barrels. Both think Dan's barrels are the best available. Unless you have shot the barrel and found it not to shoot or had it scientifically examined and tested by a crediable third party you are doing Dan and Lilja a injustice. Barrels are subject to oxidazition from chemical cleaners. I suggest you shoot the barrel and clean it with a reputable carbon and copper cleaner. Then see if it is still dull and gray. The light source or reflective light has a lot of influence on how a bore looks. Make sure you use a white light to look in the bore. Don't look at light reflected of a white paper or off white surface.

Nat Lambeth
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