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I took this barrel to a friend of mine to look at. He owns a gun shop and buys alot of barrels. He is the one that had the best barrel I had ever seen( a Lilja 3 groove in 6mmppc) He looked at through his bore scope and said he would send it back to Dan and that is where this started. It is not only my opinion. At 25 power with a good bore scope you can see how smooth a barrel is. I believe I should have a fine mirror finish. I don't have alot of money. I am retired on a fixed income. Or I would have just recycled this and bought a new one from Tim North at Broughton his barrels have a mirror finish.As far as doing Dan and Lilja an injustice. I gave them more than a fair chance to correct problem. All they had to do was lap the barrel when I sent it back to them. Maybe if I was a top national shooter I would have got a different barrel. There is no question he knows how to make a great barrel. He has made some of the best barrels in world. I have seen what he can do. They just don't make them all that way.
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When the snow goes enough so we can find our rifle ranges here in Maine I will shoot this barrel. I hope it shoots a lot better than it looks. That wouldn't have to be very good. It would be an under statement to say this has been a bad experience. A word to the wise look at any new barrel you buy with a bore scope before you do any work on it. If you are not happy with the way it looks send it back.
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The main reason for this post wasn't to slam Lilja barrels. Not that they didn't deserve it. It was to make all the regular everyday shooters who buy most of the custom made barrels realize not all barrels are the same. Also what a good match grade hand lapped barrel should look like. Top name shooters are going to get the very best of the best. Not so for the everybody they get the rest. Some may be as good as the very good one and some maybe be just good also there will be some that are not so good. That doesn't mean they won't be a lot better than a factory barrel.(NOT EVERYBODY GETS A CHAMPIONSHIP BARREL)(ONLY CHAMPIONS} If they were they would cost a lot more than they do. This just happens to be my first bad experience. It can happen. This has been a learning experience for me. Thanks to all very smart people on this web site this opinion has been formed. I thank all the people that responded to me through private e-mails with opinions that they didn't want public.
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I just looked in my barrel rack. I have 6 Shilens, 2 Bartleins, and 2 Kreigers. All of them have a dull gray lapped finish. Do I have a bunch of Junkers? I think not. The barrels look great before lapping. Most lap with 320-400 grit and it ain't gonna be shinny. A real slick barrel will foul. I think it is very unfair for you to come on a forum and complain about a barrel that hasn't even been to the range. I believe as does DocEd that you have given up on it and will not give it a fair chance.
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I talked to Dan and he seems like a straight shooter to me( no pun intended).I am confident he stands behind his product 100%.If he says your barrel is good then go shoot it. Better yet have a very good shooter you know shoot it as you already have yourself psyched out about it and confidence is everything when it comes to any sport..
I just received 4 of his barrels. I ordered them after several gun smiths told me Dan produces some of the very best barrels in the world..
cheers from the great white north....
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It is great that Dan Lilja has a loyal following. I agree he talks a good game. When he told me all his barrels look like the one I got. I lost all faith in him as being forth coming and truthful. Knowing from looking at other barrel he made nothing could be father from the truth. I told him the same thing I have said before this is my first and last Lilja barrel. I wish you all the luck with your new barrels. Lija barrels don't need me as a customer. I sure don't need Lilja as my barrel maker either.
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There is an uwritten rule on most shooting forums that you don't tell it like it is,you tell it like they want to hear it.
I 100% disagree with that policy as it always seems to hurt the little guy.
I have had 2 problems with Dan on the outside dimensions of his barrels and will never buy from Dan again.
Both of those barrels shot very well but I had to pay a fortune for one off barrel blocks to hold onto them.Both blocks were already made to what Dan wrote on the outside of the barrel and as a machinist you would think he could atleast measure his work correctly but he didn't.
In his catalog he also says a 320 grit surface finish on the outside of his barrels.My one barrel came with what only could be described as a barber stripe finish to it.I called Dan and he said the barrel ordered was supposed to be straight for 36 inches and that is what the kid put into the surface grinders program.t got the barber stipe finish because he sent me a tapered barrel I had never ordered nor wanted.
If it hasn't been chambered yet put it up for sale and get your money back.You can get a Bartlein,Hart or Krieger and in the end you'll feel much better about the rifle.
Chalk it up to experience and move forward wit your shooting.

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It is nice to hear that I am not the only one to have a bad experience with Lilja Barrels. And was willing to share it on the forum. Not getting what they have paid for. More people should share their bad experiences as well as the good ones. That way new readers can get the pro's and con's of dealers. The little guy get to know all these (BIG NAME DEALERS) Don't all walk on water.
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