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believe it or not you are entitled to your opinion. I am telling it like it is. The shooter is fine. The gunsmith is fine. The groups are what they are.
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I don't wonder you can't make it shoot. I'm also telling it like it is.......from what you've posted, your method of finding a load is pure slop and haphazard. Don't you know how to do a load sequence?
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For starters you may want to try 4350 and RL22. A freind of mine shoots a custom barreled 3oowm and neither 4831 or H1000 will shoot worth a hoot in his gun but with 4350 and RL22 the group size is cut in half.You may also want to try standard( non magnum) primers as he finds these also work better.
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I have been trying the loads that shot the best out of my last 300 Win mag. I thought that would be a good place to start. I am willing to try anything that somebody has had success with.
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You have a bunch of places to start, but all you've accomplished is a shotgun approach. You've shot a particular bullet/load, and another particular bullet/load, then another and you haven't "started" anything. Just because those loads were good in another gun doesn't mean they'll be good in this one. It would be nice, but you can't expect it. So instead you make a big deal out of blaming the barrel. Just choose a bullet and couple powders - or a powder and a couple bullets - and do an actual load sequence. Haven't you ever worked up a load?
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For what its worth i had a lilja .30 barrel i had chambered in .300 win mag. by a very reputable smith, and i worked the barrel for a month solid with every combination of powder, bullet primer and case and never did get it to shoot better then an 1 1/2" at 100yds-300yds., i eventually gave it to another reputable smith and had him go over it and tried again, no joy, finally got tired of wasting powder and bullets and gave to the second smith who made muzzle breaks out of it. before you jump in and trash me saying shit like i can't shoot and i can't load etc. i have shot in my state matches and placed in the top three against world class shooters.
it was/is the only lilja barrel i have/will ever own.
I admit i worship at the alter of krieger
All the above being said i have seen with my own eyes lilja barrels that were hummers!
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I Had a 6mm 3 groove lilja barrel that no matter what 105 - 115gr bullet would explode over 2950fps. Dan L, told me some do that. Switched over to a Broughton and can run 115's at 3150 all day and havent lost the first bullet.

The barrel was accurate if you used a .243 starting load.

That was my first custom barrel ive ever bought, Ill not buy one again. Too many other good brands out there.

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Well, I guess I have to eat crow. That is simply too many bad barrels . How many more have we not even heard about? Please accept my apologies for calling into question the ligitimacy of the original poster and other peoples claims.
Lilja should have offered to replaced those barrels.
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