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Some of my first posts on here were trying to figure out what was going on with my rifle. since switching barrels Ive had 0 problems.

I ordered a Brux barrel the other day from Ken there. And we were talking about accuracy potential and he told me, If the barrel doesnt shoot to my expectations they will replace it no questions asked. Thats quite a confidant statement. Not that im looking for problems, Its just impressive how they would stand behind there products.

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I am still shooting the Lilja 3 groove barrel in 300 Win Mag. I have been only using (2) bullets 180gr Sierra Match kings and 178gr Hornady "A" max And (3) powders H4831,H1000 and RL-22 the best group I have got from this barrel so far is .990 Most are between 1.00"-1.25" This is over about 200 rounds including break-in. A good hunting barrel. Not even close to a target barrel. I will shoot it another couple hundred rounds before I give up on it and buy a new barrel. My next barrel will be a Broughton 5C. Tim North stands behind his barrels as do some other barrel makers.
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I have got almost 500 rounds through the Lilja 3 groove 300 Winchester mag. The barrel cleans up well. As far as grouping the best group so far for 3 shots is the .990 I got early on in testing. It doesn't seem to make a lot of difference what I shoot It will group about 1.10-1.25. I am going to try some lighter bullets next. If that doesn't work I guess I will do what the other writer did with his Lilja barrel give it to the gun smith to make muzzle breaks. This has not been a pleasant experience. I would not recommend anyone buy a Lilja barrel. You might get one like mine.
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Originally Posted by k80skeet
I bought a new Lilja and had it chambered in 300win mag. It is 3 groove 1 in 10 twist finished to 27 1/2". After installing on my Savage 110 action I bought a hawkeye bore scope. Looking at this new barrel I was very disappointed. The barrel looked more like a Remington take off barrel than a hand honed custom match grade barrel. I have alot of other Match grade barrel from other barrel makers Hart,broughton Shillen. They all looked bright and shinny inside. Not dull gray. I had looked at a Lilja that a friend of mine owned it was the best barrel I had ever seen. That is what got me to buy a Lilja barrel in the first place. The barrel I got was nothing like that barrel. I sent the barrel back to Lilja for them to look at and was told that all their barrels look like that. Which I know in not true from looking at the barrel of my friend. I am I right on how a good match grade barrel should look when it is brand new? Or do some people just get better barrels then others? My first and last Lilja Barrel.
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I'm not here to defend Lilja, but do you think they are the only ones to make a bad barrel??? ALL of the major barrel manufacturers make BAD barrels on occasion. The question is what will they do about it? From this thread I gather that the only time you had contact with them was at the beginning, before you fired a round? Have you contacted them since to voice your displeasure and see if they would replace the barrel? If you have and they gave you the middle finger, then you have every right to be pissed. If not, then why is this thread still ongoing?
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I was told when I sent the barrel back that they would of taken barrel back if no work had been done on it and it was in the same condition as it was sent. That was all I was offered. I had already chambered it. So I was all done.
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Well, I will be getting my 2 guns back any day now. I have 3 lilja barrels for my Barnard action and the other is going on a remington sporter. I will let you know in a couple of weeks how they work out. I have never had lilja before and never heard anything bad until this thread. I hope I have better luck than some have had here.
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I have given up on the Lilja barrel and sent it to the recycle bin. After 500 rounds all kinds of different loads and bullets I could not get it to shoot any better than 1" to 1 1/2" not what I am looking for. I hope if you buy one you have a lot better luck than I did.
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