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I have had nothing but trouble with Lilja barrels whenever it comes to anything relating to their so called warranty. They never make any mistakes so why should they ever honor any kind of warranty. I will never purchase anothe barrel from Lilja and
neither will any of my friends.
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Originally Posted by k80skeet
I was told when I sent the barrel back that they would of taken barrel back if no work had been done on it and it was in the same condition as it was sent. That was all I was offered. I had already chambered it. So I was all done.

This doesn't make much sense on Lilja's part( aleast to me). How in the world are you suppose to know there is a problem with the barrel until you shoot the damn thing? As I am a complete newbie in the rebarreling game can someone please explain this one to me? Am I missing something?
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I don't think Dan puts any accuracy claims on his barrels so he only takes a barrel back if it has inclusions in the steel or some other defect.
In my case I ordered a 1.750 straight cylinder barrel from him with his 320 grit finish on it.Back then his catalog had him using 1-7/8 blanks so a 1.750 finish shouldn't be a problem.
When the barrel arrived it was 1.660 at its fatest point had alot of taper and a corkscrew pattern down its entire length.The corkscrew pattern he told me was from using a straight cylinder profile in his grinder while using a barrel with taper in it.
When I asked him why the barrel and my order were both marked for a 1.750 straight cylinder and the barrel came in 0.090 under with taper he said he used a 1.750 blank and the hole didn't drill straight.
I then asked him how I was to fit this tomato stake in my barrel block at 1.751 inches and he quit talking to me and hung up.I called him back but can't put the rest of the conversation on this website.I no longer use his barrels.
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Lynn, If that had happened to me, I would have called the credit card company and told them I didnt get what I ordered, and when I called to fix the problem the owner hung up on me..

I would have got my money back some how..

I tell ya, I keep seeing this kind of stuff on different sites. I dont know if its pride that what he gives you cant be wrong and you should be gratefull, or he's pinching pennys and wont replace a barrel even when he sent the wrong thing..

Theres too many other good barrels out there!! And if were Dan Lilja, that would worry me.

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Id be worried too if I was Dan Lilja. I had a guy cancel his order from me when he read this. He then went for a Krieger. I have only ever fitted 2 Lilja barrels before and had great reports on them from my customers but now this. Not a good day for Dan. If I had a problem and a guys not happy Id just replace whatever it was he was pissed at. I cant see the logic in a customer not getting satisfaction,it will cost you a lot more if you dont sort him out. I think in situation like this you have to take a hit and in Dans case, well Id say Dan could probably well afford to take the hit, its not like it happens with every second customer. If I was Dan this thread would never exist.
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I would never complain had this $427 barrel been an isolated incident but it was the second problem I had with him.On the first problem I ordered a 1.250 blank again for a barrel blocked rifle and received a 1.200 blank in the mail.To my way of thinking a machinist who writes 1.750 on a blank or 1.250 on a blank and goes through the trouble of taking it out to 3 decimal points he should be able to read a caliper.If his brochure and his website both say 320 grit finish you shouldn't receive a barber pole stripe.To make matters worse he kept telling me the hole was straight.
I have used a half dozen of his barrels and they all shot well but if you can't get what you order and he considers his mistakes the customers fault he doesn't need any of my money.
When a guy lets the world know he's an engineer and machinist then sends you something marked 1.750 straight 320 finish and its really 1.660 with a barber stripe you have to wonder about the quality of his product to my way of thinking.
This was probaly 6 years ago and with all of the great barrels out there I see no reason to use his products.
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I've had eight Lilja 3 groove .30 cal. barrels. Every one was exceptionally accurate including one that helped me win an IBS National Championship. I also have Lilja's on my 22BR (1:14) and 6BR (1:14). Same scenario...exceptional accuracy and zero problems. Can't speak to the c.s. side of things as I've never had issues with any of Dan's products.

I've got a well known .30 cal. barrel back at the mfgs. shop right now that will shoot no better than .350-.380 five shot groups. Every mfg. at times has problems.

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Al Nyhus
Al if you purchased a 1.750 diameter straight cylinder barrel and it shipped to you at 1.660 down to 1.534 and had what looks like a circular snake pattern for its entire length what would you do?

To make matters worse I was working for the largest Microwave Electronics firm in the world at that time(Avantek Inc)no ovens here guys just real high tech high precision military weapons and I took the barrel to work.I walked into one of the best machine shops in the entire Silicon Valley and showed it to the chief machinist.He called about 15 other machinists over and they all sat there laughing at the barrel and its markings.He then proceeded to ask me if I had made it myself.Now at this point I thought it couldn't get any worse but he then took me outside to a rack were the metal is stored and showed me what a rough blank that comes on a pallet strapped looks like.
If the man doesn't know what straight is and he can't read a caliper then gets pissy over the phone when it is HIS problem its a good thing our paths have never crossed.

This has nothing at all to do with customer service.The barrel should have never left his shop.
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