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Anybody loading 75 80 gr. Bergers VLD or whatever for 22-250?
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I was looking back & I think you asked me what my neck tension was. I don't know but the O.D. of the neck was .250. I have tried both 75gr. AMAX, 75gr. Berger VLD's, & 80 GR. Berger VLD's. Both the 75 grainers shot well with between 37.5 - 40.0 grs. H4831SC. The 80's didn't do well with the powder selections that I choose. They all went through the target point on. I have some IMR 4007 SSC, H4350, & IMR 4064 to try next time at the range.
Semper Fi
I have a Savage LRPV 22-250 1:9 twist
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WC, Yea I thought we were shooting the same rifle. I was wanting to try some long range loads and was wondering if anybody had worked with the 75 and 80 gr. bullets. Did you try anything at long range? 500 or 600 yds? I have done good with the 69 gr SMK but they don't blow up my water bottles like I want them to. 40.5 gr. of VV N560 is getting me less than .500 at 100 yds. and holding within a 3 and 1/2" spot at 500 and 600 yds. I have not shot any groups out there but the water bottles are app. 3 and 1/2" wide. My outside neck diameter is .251 and I am neck sizing with a Redding Type S bushing die with a .251 bushing which is giving me about .002 neck tension with Nosler brass. It is thicker than the Norma that I started out with. Keep me posted man and I will too. Bill
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I only have 400 yards at my gun club. I plan on taking several of the more promising loads & do some 10 shots strings. So far I only have 3 or 4 shot groups. I load 4 rds. of each "flavor". I normally just shoot 3 shot groups. The 4th round is for when I call a flyer. I have 4 loads that will groups 1.250" or less at 400yards for 3 shots. I don't put much weight on 3 shot groups but does show promise for further testing. I have a new batch to test as soon as I can get to the range.
Semper Fi
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If you want to really do some damage to your water bottles, stick a 75 grain A-max
into one of them, they shoot the best in my 1 in 9 Pac-Nor Ackley.
The 80 gr SMK and Nosler bullets did OK but no where near the damage the A-max
did. Never tried the Bergers in that rifle.....
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Preacher, I have some of the 75 gr. A-max and shot a few at short range blowing out brass. I will try them at long range. Do you care to share any load data? Thanks, Bill
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I settled on 37.5 grains of H-4350, and a Federal 210 M primer with the 75 grain A-max in that barrel, and it will shoot..... but please come up to that carefully....
Crows at 350 yards are more fun to puff up than a water bottle .....
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I'm looking into getting a Savage LRPV rifle and would like to know what difference I would see between the 1 in 9" and the 1 in 12" twist.
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