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This is the only way to go...I have been shooting BR's (22 and 6mm) since the 70's....ctg brass was a night mare to make(manufacture) back then with the BR Basic brass ...then Rem. made factory was like aluminum (very brittle) and had no ductility (if you loaded em heavy they got very sticky,very quick) now with the advent of Norma in the 80's and Lapua in the 90's the ctg. can be loaded right up there with the PPC...all of my bbls. were 14 twist tight neck (.262") true benchrest chambering...I finally had the chance to get a No Turn chamber in a bbl. from Mike Bryant a few weeks ago and I think I will never turn a neck again!!! I did trim the cases all to length after fireforming them in the chamber and now I just shoot em and load em...what could be simpler or bettter???My new bbl. is 8" twist and my fears that it would NOT shoot the lil' bullets have allgone out the window...IT WILL SHOOT 68gr. BR bullets as good as a 14" Twist !!!! all u need is a good bbl. ---and I got one ---it is a Kreiger 4 groove---I hear that several bbl. makers are slipping these days ---maybee,,but Kreiger aint!!! Hope to give more data after I get it all cipherd out ...the punch line is --this new brass is so good you don't need to turn them when the chamber is cut to fit..Roger
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It's funny we talked to Mike a few months ago. At the time he had a .262" and .265" reamer, but he was skeptical about the no-turn option. Times change. Richard Schatz sets 1000yd 6-target record in June with no-turn Dasher necks.

I still think their may be some merit in going down to a .269 and turning up into the shoulder .030" to prevent doughnut formation. but you aren't the first to say no-turn works great. Mark Schronce is a believer too...

Are you running a .271" or a 272"?
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The chamber neck dia. is .271" and my loaded rounds with just about every bullet known to man is .269" ....I know what u r sayin about turning the neck down into the shoulder to avoid the donut...but that is only necssary when the neck is so tight that neck turning is required in the 1st my trials and tribulations over the yrs. with BR's and other cals. (BR and hunting guns) the donut never formed unless the necks were turned ...and this turning not being done properly(I usually push the sholder of the ctg. back a ways and turn to this false sholder and then when fireforming takes place the brass flows foreward and the part line between turned and un-turned brass goes around the corner ,so to speak,in to the sholder and never rears it ugly head again...) hope this clouds the issue a lil'...or maby not...Roger
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