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Does anyone have any experience of these stocks?

I am very tempted to get one for F Class / tactical competitions and like the modular design but have still to see any on the competition circuit in the U.K.

I would be using it as part of a custom Remington 700 build.

Any information, good or bad will be appreciated,

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I use mine in F/ tr. You have to like an ar-15 style grip; which i do. Put any grip that fits your hand. Using the recommended torque on receiver screws I can see no issues with the fit. I have done no skim bedding at all. Also bought the flat fore end for a front rest which I use when shooting my 6br bbl. Because of making weight I use a med. palma taper in .308. So far I'm very pleased with it.
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So far I like mine very much. Utilized primarily as an F-Open stock (see the pictures on the shooting bench for an idea as to how I have it configured for that) it tracks *very* straight in the bags - I was somewhat surprised the first time a 17# 6 Dasher came zipping back and bopped me in the face when I tried to free-recoil it!

I should get some pics of it as used on the ground, etc. Haven't had the time/inclination thus far <shrug/>

McRee stock pics
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Thanks guys,

I find the Accuracy International grip too small for my hands and like the idea of having the option of several AR type grips to find one that fits.

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One thing to be aware of... the 'block' that the grip attaches to and the two bolts that hold the buttstock in place screw into... uses 1/4-20tpi for *all three* holes. Normal AR grip bolts use 1/4-28tpi as near as I can tell. Trying to screw an aftermarket AR grip on there with its associated bolt will lead to some bad words if you aren't aware of it - not something I thought to check in advance, rest of the known world sticks with 1/4-28 for AR grip allen bolts, etc. A quick trip to the hardware store to get an appropriate length 1/4-20 bolt will be in order.


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I like mine but the folding stock version makes it easier to clean the rifle. My cheek piece and butt stock are set very high for prone work. I have to remove the butstock to use my cleaning rod. Just remove the bag bar and 2 bolts but a pita just the same. I did skim bed mine but I did not see any difference, it shot very well from the day I bolted it on.
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i shoot a mcree variant and like it very much - to the point that i have 2 more variants - one for t/r.

i have changed the 'rider' bar [rear] for a smaller one - to fit bag better.

only have a 'pistol' grip on the f-t/r gun and find that it's to small for my hand. when i have time, i will replace it with something bigger??!!

as monte touched on - screw size.

i found for f-open, 'screws' didn't hold up! could never keep them tight when your shooting fast. [ i have shoot 17 rds in 4 1/2 min].

i have replaced 'all' screws with 1/4x20 SS bolts and nylock nuts. --- problem solved.

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Might try a Sierra Precision grip (Sinclair Intl/Brownells/Midway should have them) + a grip extender. Assuming you have proper-sized hands like me it should put the pad of your trigger finger right on the trigger bar.

Another option would be a Tubb grip.

If you are going to Cascade this weekend, I have a large laminated wood grip you can look at. I paid way too much for it considering its condition, but it might be an option for you.

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