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We've built a page with test results of Denver Instrument's MXX-123 scale, with input from James Phillips, Jerry Tierney, Danny Reever and Flatlander.

Bottom line, this thing rocks. James measured 30 charges with his high-end lab scale then re-weighed them on the MXX-123. It was within +/- .01 grain every time. Then he repeated the test for 30 charges after two hours, 30 after 4 hours, and 30 after 24 hours. A couple times it showed .03 grains high, but that's still less than two kernels of Varget!

Jerry tested the MXX-123 vs. a 10-10 Balance beam, and well, that wasn't even a fair contest. It was clear the best the balance beam could do was about +/- .1 grain.

Link to review:

We'll be adding some more photos as soon as James can get them to me, but all the data is there.
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is dever mxx123 the same as acculab vic123 picture looks the same but without hinged cover
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Interesting. I've gone to some length to get my AccuLab stabilized... solid bench, granite surface plate, UPS w/ filtered power, the 'Very Unstable' settings... all the usual tricks, plus spent a couple hours on the phone w/ the engineer who designed the blasted thing to make sure I was doing what I should. It still drifts like crazy if you put anything other than... nothing on it. Put a charge on it, come back an hour later... better expect it to be any where from 0.2 to 3 full grains off. Lately it's been getting really wiggy about even holding a zero sitting still w/ nothing on it. Only thing that's changed is the RCBS Chargemaster sitting next to it. The engineer said that it was basically a cheap unit (for its resolution range) and somethings (like EMI shielding) were skimped on. No kidding.

I'm about ready to call they and tell them they can have it back... I either want a functional scale or my money back.
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if u leave it on all the time its heaps better ive had mene 1 1/2 MONTHS and it has stopped working it is a euro model cos im in ozzy the AC2 unit is not producing power im trying to get sartorius australia to send me a new ac unit as to claim warranty i have to send it to sinclairs bla bla bla hoping the guy in oz plays the game as the sartorius usa guy thought it was HUMOUROUS
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Mine wandered quite a bit as well. What I've started doing is turning it on and waiting half hour before starting to load. I also noticed that if I was loading in the evening, it wandered more as the sun was setting than if I loaded in the early afternoon 1300-1600 ish. Also make sure there isn't any AC or heat going on. But yeah, I was getting the same wandering if I stepped away for over a minute. Hope my little bit of info helps.

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Does the scale wander, as in drifts up or down over time? Absolutely. It's an electronic device with a load sensor and the value shown will drift. The auto-zero feature works pretty well but only at zero. If you dump 30 grains of Varget onto it or 50 grains of VV N-140, it's gonna drift after a while. If you'd like something that won't you're looking at an analytical balance (mechanical, not electronic) and expect to pay somewhere between $1,200 and $3,000. They all also have a "weighing chamber" with sliding doors to prevent drafts which slows down the process a lot.

Does it matter if it drifts?. Not really. If it's calibrated properly and zeroed you drop the charge into the pan and in 3 seconds you get a reading. If you let it sit there long enough it may 1) stay constant 2) drift up or 3) drift down. Doesn't matter. What I care about is what it says in the first few seconds that's important. If it's Varget and it says it's 0.06 grains heavy I know I need to get three kernels out of the pan. If it's 0.06 light I need to add three kernels. If it's more than a few kernels off (happens about one out of twenty times) I add/remove the appropriate amount, put the powder back in the ChargeMaster pan, zero the scale then dump it back on the VIC-123.

Does it take some time? Sure. It's slower than the whack/smack mechanical dispenser. It takes me about 20-25 seconds per charge. If it's within 0.04 grains I hit the dispense button on the ChargeMaster while I finish with the scale. I've reweighed a lot of powder by dumping from the brass onto the scale and it's never failed to match the original weight to 0.02 grains.

Is it worth while? I can get the ES of my 6mmBR and 30BR into the single digits for five rounds quite consistantly. There might be a way to do it better and there are certainly ways to do it faster but I know that velocity spread isn't gonna be what's giving me vertical stringing. If nothing else, I've certainly learned to never trust what the Chargemaster says...
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The first MXX-123 that I had definately had a problem. Drifted all the time and would not give me a repeatable reading.

I went thru the same issues with the engineers, setting the thing for unstable etc.

Finally, I insisted they replace the unit. They did with out any fuss.

Got the second unit. When I want to load, turn the scale on at least several hours before I begin. It is a stable as they come and repeatable. No problems with this scale. It will produce accurate charges without question.

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I have had a MXX-123 for about a month. It works very well for me, very repeatable readings and very little drifting. I did have problems with drift during periods of high humidity, so i try to weight charges when the humidity is below 60%. I also have rigged up a plastic file box that I cover the scales with if there are drafts in the room. I have gotten five-shot extreme spreads down to 9 fps by keeping the charges within 1/20th of a grain.
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