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(I posted this on Benchrest Central forum too, for those who read both)
I bought a gun at Rock Island Auction last week - the description was kind of vague, but it came with a Leupold 36X scope, so I figured that no matter what happened, at least I'd get a nice scope I do not have more money than sense, but sometimes I behave like I do.

Anyway, in the auction description, the gun was described as a 6mm Benchrest gun, so I kind of assumed (remind me not to assume anything in the future) that it was 6mm BR. Also, the gun was only pictured from the bolt side, and there was no ejection port on the right (bolt) side, so I also assumed that it was a super fancy custom action, right bolt / left port. Please see above regarding making assumptions.

Gun shows up today, and lo and behold, there is no ejection port at all ! It appears that the cartridge is loaded into the bolt, the bolt is inserted into the action, the gun is fired, and the spent cartridge is "ejected" with the bolt. Also, it's not a 6mmBR, or at least I don't think it is, because a 6mmBR round will not fit into the groove in the bolt.

So - does the gun or action pictured below look familiar to anyone ? Any additional information will be greatly appreciated. And finally - any advice on how I might go about determining what it shoots ?

Thanks again in advance for your help.

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It's a shell holder type action I've only ever seen them used with .50 cal's. I would suggest pouring a chamber cast before you try to touch anything off in it just to make sure you got the right round in it.

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i saw one of these a few years back. I think the guy told me a wichita or something like that?? not really sure. it was in a 222 or something. thought it was kind of cool, but i didn't want to have to take the bolt out every time so i walked away.
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What you have is a Wichita Mini-Action which were proven to be super accurate---just not conducive to fast repeat shots. Post a picture over on Someone on that board was discussing them about a week ago. Had pics of them , also. Your caliber is probably 6PPC--just my guess. Smaller case head than a BR case. A chamber cast is the safest way to determine that.
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