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I just got these from the match director yesterday. Hope to have an equipment list for the top 4 in a few days. As you can see, Jerry Tierney pretty well cleaned up, but at least he left some crumbs behind for the rest of us

A big thank you to due Ed Eckhoff and the entire SVSC crew for putting on such a smoothly run and enjoyable match. Daily results were posted within 30 minutes of the last shot every single day, and Saturday's barbecue was an epicurean delight!

Conditions were incredibly fickle. The mornings looked gentle enough, but even the apparent calm was switchy enough to throw the unwary off by 1/2 MOA. By the 3rd relays on day 1 & 2, it was blowing enough to need 3 - 5 MOA. Even this wouldn't have been too bad, except it's just stop cold for minutes at a time and then reverse for a few more. More than a few shooters had a hard time keeping them all on paper after about 11 AM. The we had watch I call the "miracle day". On the last day of the match, we had near perfect conditions, light but consistent winds with just enough mirage to make let offs and switches easy to read. The miraculous part is that these condition persisted throughout all 3 relays!! In the 5 years or so that I've been shooting this range, I don't think I've ever seen that before.

So, without further adieu....
NBRSA 1000 yard national Championship
Sacramento Valley Shooting Center (Folsom Shooting Club)
Sacramento, CA
September 23, 24, 25, 2005

Folsom Shooting Club Awards. NBRSA only recognizes 3 target winners in 2 day matches not in 3 day matches. These are the best 3 of 6 targets in this 3 day match.
3 Target winners
HG 3 target score ------- George Tompkins = = = = 288 7X
HG 3 target group ------- Warren Stallings = = = = 7.643
LG 3 target score ------- Jerry Tierney = = = = 145 2X
LG 3 target group ------- Ken Schroeder = = = = 5.090

(Presented by Palomino Valley Gun Club Reno NV
representing all NBRSA 1000 yard BR Clubs

Winner (lowest composite score)
Jerry Tierney ------Composite score 6
closest runner-up Bob Hoppe ------ composite score of 17


Single target
HG High Score --------Greg Wilson = = = = 99 1X
HG Small Group ------Jerry Tierney = = = = 6.030
LG High Score --------Greg Wilson = = = = 50 1X
LG Small Group ------Greg Wilson = = = = 2.460

HG Score (6 targets)
1st Jerry Tierney -------------535 5X
2nd George Tompkins ------529 7X
3rd Bob Hoppe ---------------529 4X
4th Gary Noble ---------------527 7X

HG Group (6 targets)
1st George Tompkins -------11.033
2nd Bob Hoppe -----------------11.603
3rd Jerry Tierney --------------11.815
4th Bert Seltzer ---------------12.931

LG Score (6 targets)
1st Jerry Tierney --------------280 2X
2nd Wayne Courand ---------276 2X
3rd Bob Hoppe ----------------255 1X
4th Greg Wilson --------------254 1X

LG Group (6 targets)
1st Jerry Tierney -------------8.011
2nd Greg Wilson --------------8.345
3rd Gary Noble ----------------8.588
4th Bert Seltzer ---------------8.768

Two Gun Score (12 targets)
1st Jerry Tierney -------------815 7X
2nd Bob Hoppe ---------------784 5X
3rd Gary Noble --------------771 8X
4th George Tompkins -----770 7X

Two Gun Group (12 targets)
1st Jerry Tierney ------------9.9133
2nd George Tompkins ----10.613
3rd Bert Seltzer -------------10.850
4th Bob Hoppe --------------11.158

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Check out the new Blog for some photos of the event. We hope to do a big interview with match winner Jerry Tierney very soon.

Thanks to Ed Eckhoff for gathering the results and thank you LongShot for posting them here!

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Way to go Jerry ! One more for the old guys
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You sure that's not a picture of Mickey Rooney on the Blog??

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I dunno about that. Mickey Rooney was photogenic at one point.

Think I overheard Jerry badmouthing your work. Please cancel all future orders from him, and insert work for me in their place.

Just kidding, Jerry. Great shooting!

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Here are a few photos.

1. Skip Talbot Memorial Trophy
2. Part of the line.
3. Targets
4. The Winners.
Kneeling l to r - Bob Hoppe and Jerry Tierney
Standing l to r - Ken Schroeder, Wayne Courand, Greg Wilson, Bert Seltzer,
Ed Eckhoff, Gary Noble, George Tompkins

PS - And just so you know, that big rifle shown in the Moderators post was on the bench next to me and kept blowing my rifle off the rest. That's the only reason I didn't win. That's my story and I'm sticking with it!


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Well, Ray, I saw your request for a wind and mirage free bench, and near as I can tell, the powers that be did the best they could. 'Course you know, if'n you ask for a muzzle-blast free bench next time, all bets will be off in the wind and mirage departments.

Seriously though, it was good to see you and to shoot with you again as well.

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Bert and Ray
Are you sure thats a picture of Ken Schroeder? I don't see a sandwich in his hand.
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