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I understand it isnt rocket since, but considering the amount of hard earned money i have involved i wanted to use the best method or product i could. I was thinking more along the lines of a removable weight system, Mcmillan or Bruno (i dont know who makes it) has a weight system for some of there benchrest stocks. I didnt know if this is an alternative for me. can this system be installed in a stock that wasnt made for it? I guess i should have made myself a little more clear. Sorry fellas.
This weight is needed in my 30BR. I weigh 12.9 pounds at the moment and i would like to get closer to 14. The gun is shooting just fine but i thought the extra weight would help with the recoil a bit. Thanks Lee
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I have two rifles with lead shot and one with a lead slug that is bolted to the buttplate. There was already a PVC sleeve which is why I did the one slug.

I found a piece of steel tubing [ mop handle ] that was the perfect ID for the PVC sleeve. After casting the slug I turned a couple of grooves in it for thick Orings. I want to make sure there is no opportunity for harmonic vibration.

As I think back I think the real reason I made the slug is that I was out of lead shot. I have since bought 25 lbs so the last rifle I built got lead shot. I think it is a good way to make a fiberglass stock be 'dead'. I am going to add some to the forend eventually.
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I'd leave it alone.

Sometime you might shoot a registered VFS match. Weight limit is 13 1/2 lbs. Ain't worth dicking around with. Balance in the bags comes into play as well. Too much in the butt makes the front end too lively, and vice versa.
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The way I do it - your mileage may vary.

I have the 'smith drill one (or more) 7/8" holes in the buttstock. I put mercury recoil supressors in the holes. I can vary the weight depending what match I'm shooting as they come in 8 oz, 11 oz or 16 oz models (or they'll make any weight you want). Most of my bench rifles have two. The weight limits I deal with are in the 17-17.5-18.5 pound range. I can go from 18.5 pounds to 17.5 to 17.

Not very expensive and with the tool they sell to pull them out and a wood spacer I can change the weight in a couple minutes.

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