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I own a Clark Special 10/22 with the original wooden Ruger Sporter stock. The stock works well, with the exception that my right hand has to bend forward to conform to the stock when the trigger is ready to pull.

I recently held a Ruger 10/22 with a Boyd's Evolution stock and found that the more vertical grip with thumbhole was far kinder to my hand. Also, the grip was thin enough to accomodate my hand. It was a very comfortable grip.

I then went to the internet and found that the Revolution stock (sold by Cabella's and others) also features the vertical grip with thumbhole. This particular stock also features what they call a "palm swell." I once owned a Remington PSS that also featured a palm swell. The problem was that I could hardly get my hand around the grip due to the larger circumference that resulted with the palm swell on that particular gunstock (offered by H&S Precision, as I recall.

My question is: Do any of you savvy .22 shooters have any opinions on the circumferences of the grip on the Boyd's Evolution stocks as compared to that of the Revolution brand? And... I am not really sure what they mean by a "palm swell," other than that I think it means that the grip is fatter on the right side so that it sticks into the palm. I don't know what the function of a palm swell is, but my negative experiences with the H&S Precision and the increased circumference of the grip on an Anschutz I own makes me wary of purchasing such a stock.

I sure would certainly appreciate any thoughts you might have. BTW, I shoot ground squirrels off of an Uncle Mike's rice-filled bag and don't use the rifle in competition.

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I have a Fajen LH thumbhole that's inletted for my .920 bull barrel on one 10/22, I'm in the midst of another 10/22 build for my girlfriend that has a Boyd's RH Thumbhole. I've shot the RH stock a few times and while it's not as comfortable since I'm a lefty, it's still very easy to use and I hit very well with it.

You can get them from Stocky's in finished and unfinished form. I usually get mine in unfinished form because it saves me 100 bucks apiece and I can sling stain and urethane in 30 mins or less.
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Take a look at these. They are great stocks and come fully finished. I have built two rifle using these stocks and love them. This one is just one of the many colors they come in.
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