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Why turn a rifle that shoots "like a dream" to one that shoots like a nightmare? I'm sure that whatever game/varmint you're shooting at isn't going to miss 200 fps!
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jamesinky - I'd have to check on the reamer used & the free bore as I'm unsure. I don't think the would be tight as I'm using a small base Full length Redding S type die. But then I'm new to the reloading game so have lots to learn.

Dmickey - 100y groups are in the .2" region off the bench & .4" off prone & bipod. 200y groups are only slightly larger so yes I'm asking myself the same. However it is a hunting rifle & the slow velocity really makes 500y shots on deer sized game a little unethical in my book.
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Fordnutter. It doesnt suprise me that you are getting early pressure signs. The True-flites I have had have been accurate, but tight. The 105 Lapua Scenar is smaller in diameter than the Bergers and goes well in tight barrels. Does anyone know what the diameters of lighter weight scenars are, are they also undersize? Have you tried moly, it might help with the True-flite bore, The only times I use moly is with true flites.

Other than that, is Vihta Vouri powder easier to get hold of than RE15? If so, N540 will be just the ticket for cranking out a bit more speed, and is clean burning as well.
Has anyone had temperature sensitivity issues with RE15, is it clean burning?
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Have you turned your necks? I shoot a 6mmBR with a .271 neck I am getting about 2940 out of a 26" barrel using 30.3 gr of IMR 4895 with the Berger 95 VLD jammed .010. This load is moderate for my rifle. I have turned my necks to give me about .003 total clearance in the chamber of my rifle. What is your neck diameter on a loaded cartridge? if you don't have enough clearance it will give you pressure signs with relatively light loads.
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cr500 - Like reloader powders Vihta Vouri is also hard to get. I did a little searching on the net regarding N540 & it lookds interesting. I'll just have to see what I can get my hands on.

Benjamin199 - No I haven't turned my necks. Just used new factory lapua brass sized with a .268 bushing. Hmmm I haven't actually measured the neck of a loaded cartridge, I'll check that with the micrometer tonight & see if that's my problem. The 6BR is the first time I've ever reloaded so I'm learning as we go.

Accuracy is quite addictive. I see an F class rifle in 6BR on the horizon!
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