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Hi Guys,
Ok so I've built a lightweight 6mmBR varminter/ small game rifle with a short 24" barrel to help offset the additional length when I screw my suppressor on. It shoots like a dream putting the 95gr Berger VLD's into tiny holes....but only at a velocity of 2,600fps! Now I'm not a velocity slut but I'm thinking that's really slow.

The rifle is a custom Remington Model 7 trued etc with a 1-8" twist Trueflite Ultramatch finished at 24" length. It's a .271 neck.

I've carefully worked up to a near max load of 29.8gr of Varget (30 grains gives sticky bolt lift)& have the bergers jammed 0.010"into the lands. I'm using Lapua brass & CCIBR4 primers.

Where to from here??? I were hoping for around 2,800fps from my barrel so are thinking that a conversion to BRX might be on the cards. Can 100+fps be found by changing to another powder???

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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You might try Reloader 15 it will give you more speed than Varget, and lots of guy's use it in the BR, the BRX will go faster still, I get around 3K with 105-107 pills
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I'll second the RL 15.
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Try RL15 first. In my 8TW 6BR, it will give me about 100 f/s. My first 6BRX, I punched a 6BR barrel out, and it went from 2800 f/s to 2975 f/s shooting Berger 105 in a 25.5" barrel. Your load sounds a little light,most guys are running your load with a 105gr bullet,BUT EVERY GUN HAS IT'S LIMITS.

One thing to remember, the game can't tell how fast it is going. If it shoots don't worry about.

Mark Schronce
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what reamer was used, and what is the free bore. If it was a 6br remington the web could be to tight. And that will make it seem like you have reach max pressure when you have not.
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With 95 BIBs I got a big speed boost with RE-17 over RE-15 and Varget. Almost 100 fps over Varget. Didn't compare with the 95 VLDs yet.

He is my data. Luck, Tiny

Click Here
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My Savage 12F 30" barrel gets 3115 with the Berger 95 VLD .010 back. The charge is 34.5 grains Reloder 17 and Wolf KVB-5.56M. QuickLOAD shows 3037 from a 24" barrel. No serious pressure indications but the case is nearly full. ES - 11.4, SD - 5.8

The CCI BR-4, CCI 400 and Fed 205M primers have not performed well in my Savage. The Wolf KVB-5.56M beats them consistently. I also got better ES/SD numbers and groups with a small jump.

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Thanks for all the input guys. I'll have to see what powders the local sporting shops stock. Reloader powders are quite thin here in New Zealand. I'll try to get my hands on some reloader 15 & might even try 17....if that don't work there might have to be an improved reamer on order
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